Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Bugs and Stomach Bugs

Well, unfortunately we did not get to spend Claire's first Valentine's Day with her.  Our little love bug spent her first Valentine's with her Granny and Big Daddy.  Not that we didn't want to spend the day with Claire!  But mommy came down with a terrible stomach bug Sunday night.  Luckily, I knew that something wasn't right and got my mom to go come pick Claire up around 9:45 pm.  By the time they got back to my parent's house, I was sick.  I guess I had the 24 hour stomach bug but it felt like 24 days.  I am hoping and praying that Claire and Trent do not get it.  With both of their health issues, they cannot afford to have this virus.  So please, please pray that neither one of them get it! 

Grandma Neat-Neat came over and totally disinfected our house from top to bottom while I slept off the bug.  Thank goodness she could get the house cleaned hopefully of all germs before Claire came back home today. 

We are headed to Duke tomorrow to meet with the heart surgeon and the cardiologist.  Not sure what they will say.  We are hoping for a good report!  We have been listening to 101.5 on the radio today (yes, you can hear it in New Bern) and are excited to go tomorrow and see what's going on.  They are doing this radiothon to raise money for Duke Children's Hospital (see earlier posts).  Super Dude's mom is there today answering phones, so call and ask for her!  Super Dude was at Duke from birth until 4 months old and had multiple surgeries before going home.  Or you can wait until we are there tomorrow.  They plan to interview me and Claire on Wednesday around 2:30 pm so listen out for us and call in and make a donation in Claire's honor.  I am pretty sure you can listen live online on their website too if you are at work or at home. 

Claire plans to see a few of her friends tomorrow at Duke including our favorite nurses, doctors, and Eliza's mom (we wish Claire and Eliza could see each other but they can't since Eliza's still in TCN with hopes to go home this week).  Claire also hopes to visit with Aunt Julie and Uncle James and their crazy cats!  Pictures will come at a later post! 


The Scott Family

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  1. Man o Man.
    What a way to spend Valentine's Day, and night.

    Thank goodness your family is so close.

    the peace of Christ as you go back to Duke.