Friday, February 11, 2011


We are working hard on getting some sort of routine down.  I know I am not going to be exact on everything, but I am trying to work out the night time routine.  We have started trying to do some sort of bath each night, weigh each night, feed, then go to bed in the big girl crib in Claire's room.  It seems to work ok.  She also has to listen to her cd that nurse Marie made for her each night when we put her to sleep.  She's getting better and better at it - and so are we. 

Claire's stools have still be a little off the last few days, but we have added the rice cereal to see if that helps.  She had lost weight since last week, but as of last night, she was gaining some back.  So I hope she continues to gain and not lose from now on! 

Tomorrow we will be celebrating one of Claire's great grandmothers' 80th birthday.  Unfortunately Claire will not be attending the party.  We cannot risk any unnecessary germs at this point.  So she will be staying with her Grandma Neat-Neat and maybe her Great Aunt Doe.  Claire has been hanging out at Granny and Big Daddy's some this week while we both worked and that routine seems to be getting a little easier too.  I have come to the conclusion though that my car is not designed for a short person to be putting a car seat in the back seat.  I am definitely building up arm muscles!  And leg muscles going up and down our stairs to Claire's room. 

So things seem to be going in the right direction as far as a routine goes.  I know each day is different and we never know what it will bring.  But at least we are working on it the best we can.  And I am sure once we get one routine down pat, it will all be turned around! 

We have also considered helping Eliza make a jail break next week when we go to Duke.  Claire is certain she can hide Eliza in her stroller and get her out of there!  It is time that she make a move!  Don't think we didn't sit there and wonder how we could get Claire out of there all of those long days in the hospital.  You other NICU mom's know just what I am talking about......

We are hoping for some sunny weather soon!  This rain is so depressing!  Claire did get to experience her first snow at home yesterday.  We didn't go out in it because it was too cold and windy.  But at least we didn't have to drive in it anywhere.


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  1. Routine will come and then she'll start teething and mess the whole routine thing up. Bout time you think she's sleeping the night through all those little teeth start popping up EVERYWHERE. Layne went the longest time with 4 teeth and the week he had to flu he was cutting 5 more teeth two of which were his 1 yr
    molers. Just wait!! Talking about sleepless nights, just ask Justin and Amber.