Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4 months ago...

Four months ago on September 29th, we awoke not knowing what sort of journey we were about to embark upon.  It was a Wednesday and I was waking up to get ready for work.  I noticed that my stomach hurt, but when you're pregnant and sleep in one spot all night, you can expect not to feel so great.  So I was half awake, half asleep knowing that my stomach didn't feel so great. 

Once the alarm went off, I crawled out of bed and realized something wasn't quite right.  I took the dog out and that quick realized again that something really wasn't right.  We were panicking not knowing what was going on.  Of course, the doctor's office wasn't open yet and they didn't have an on call doctor.  So I decided I would just get dressed, be at the doctor when the door opened, be seen, then head to work. 

I put on my favorite maternity jeans and a comfortable shirt thinking I could just wear that to work after my appointment, still not realizing I wouldn't be going to work that day.  On the way to the doctor, I noticed that my stomach was contracting.  I figured this was from nerves and didn't really make note of it.  When I arrived and checked in, the receptionist asked how many weeks I was at this point.  I was 28 weeks and she just looked at me with a strange look on her face.  I knew this was not good.  She said my doctor wasn't in yet, so I could either go to the ER or wait for the on call doctor to get there.  I decided to wait there.

As I was waiting in the waiting room, I noticed the contractions again.  So I decided to write the times down on my checkbook so I would know how far apart they were.  They were 5 minutes part.  I started to get concerned, but really didn't think it was happening. 

The midwife was there and they asked if I wanted to go ahead and see her instead.  Of course I said yes, since I knew the midwife and knew she'd take care of me.  All of the nurses gathered around and helped me.  They whisked me into an exam room to be checked.  The midwife told me that I was 90% effaced and 1 cm dialated and I was in labor.  I broke down in tears!  I was so scared!  I called Trent and our mom's to tell them I was on the way to the hospital.  The midwife was so kind as to drive me to the hospital in the pouring rain.  This made me feel much better because I had no idea what was going to happen next. 

When I checked in at the hospital, I remember the receptionist telling me she was getting married that coming weekend and was worried about the rainy weather.  After that, all I remember is being in a hospital bed being hooked up and examined and poked.  One nurse continued to check on me as she was the midwife's best friend.  It's so nice to know people! 

They told me they would have flown me to Duke on the helicopter that day if the weather had been better.  But I was somewhat relieved that I could ride on the ambulance instead.  That was until I realized I had to ride by myself, on my side on a gurney, talking to some EMT man I knew nothing about for 2 1/2 hours to Duke.  Don't get me wrong, the poor guy was so nice.  But I asked him if he had ever delivered a baby before in the ambulance and he just looked at me and said "no".  He assured me we would go to the nearest hospital if that happened.  So it was pretty awkward for 2 1/2 hours not knowing really what to talk about to this nice guy, but it was ok.  He kept writing down my contraction times and they were then 2 minutes apart.  I could tell he was getting nervous because he kept going to the front and asking the driver how much longer we would be and checking the GPS.  I could look out the window somewhat and see where we were. 

By this time I was drugged up on the magnesium sulfate and don't remember much else after being wheeled into my hospital room at Duke.  Everything else is a blur for the next few days. But when I look back now, it's so hard to imagine how quickly our lives changed that day.  Honestly I wouldn't trade it for the world because we now have our beautiful daughter with us.  No matter how we got there, she is here now.  It's just so strange to imagine it was 4 months ago though.  Some days it seems like yesterday and others it seems like 4 years ago.  And most of the time it still seems like a dream.  We are so blessed to have Claire with us and at home and snuggling with us anytime we want to. 

I often go back and compare Claire's pictures from the beginning to now.  Here is a comparison below!


  1. I remember that day when Sarah called. I was here in Wilmington and could do nothing to help! We all kept saying take one day (minute, hour) at a time and before we know it she would be home. Still it is hard to believe what the past 4 months have been for all of you. I will be "home" before too long so I can see that smiling face. Love - Aunt Doe

  2. Look at that perfect face! she is as beautiful as ever. We love you all!