Sunday, February 13, 2011

MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM Radiothon

This week, February 15-17, MIX 101.5 radio will be broadcasting live from Duke Children's Hospital with a radiothon to raise money for the children's hospital.  Fortunately Claire's appointments are during this 3 day radiothon!  So we will get to experience it and see what it's all about in person.  Claire has not stayed at the actual Children's Hospital yet, but when she has her surgeries, this is where she will be.  (UPDATE:  A friend actually just informed me that the ICN, TCN, and PICU are all considered part of the the Duke Children's Hopsital, so I guess 99 days of Claire's life were spent in part of the Children's Hospital! ) And this is also where all of her follow up appointments have been and will be.  Actually, her very first appointment there was when I was still pregnant and we went to DCH for a fetal echo cardiogram.  DCH is also where Claire had her first liver surgery before she came home.  I am thinking this will be where Claire goes year after year until she's 18 years old for her annual cardiology check ups.   This is also the place that has the glass elevators that my mom has to close her eyes in each time we ride on them...  ;)

Lots of children benefit from this specialized hospital just for them.  We know Claire has and will.  So it will be really neat to be there for the radiothon.  Shoot - we may even get to be on the radio!  ha! ha!  If so, y'all will sure be able to recognize this southern rambling voice.  But we may not get to be on the radio either and that is fine. The only reason I would do it is to let people know how important this place is to our family and to Claire's life. 

So, tune your radios to 101.5 FM and listen in!  And maybe even make a donation in Claire's honor!  One of Claire's friends, Super Dude, will have his mom there on Tuesday answering the phones.  (You can check out his blog at  Super Dude is also a graduate of Duke's ICN and a main reason that we had Claire at Duke. 

Here's the Duke website to read more about it:

Or you can go to the MIX 101.5 website and read about it as well:

We will take pictures and post later on this week!  Just another way to support Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week.

In other news, Claire was switched to another new formula yesterday so we are PRAYING that this one works!  After all we have been through, you would think the eating part would be easy!  Claire enjoyed spending yesterday with her Great Aunt Doe and Grandma Neat-Neat.  We hope they had just as much fun!  She got some awesome gifts from Great Aunt Doe's friends at work. They are beautiful!  We will post pictures soon!  Everyone is just so thoughtful.  We truly appreciate all of the prayers, meals, gifts, cards, emails, phone calls, and blog comments. 


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  1. We were actually at Duke last year with Layn during the radiothon. It was neat to see everyone being a part of it. Never really give much thought to the NICU being a part of DCH. So I guess Layn would be considered a DCH baby too. Good Luck with her appointments this week.
    Keep us posted. The McLawhorn's:)