Friday, February 25, 2011

Update from the PCICU

Sorry for no update yesterday.  It was a long, but good day, and I just didn't get a chance to post last night when we got to Julie's.  So I brought the laptop to Claire's room today to update. 

She has been doing really well.  Yesterday they removed one IV, the catheter, and the chest drainage tube.  Today they removed the neck IV and the oxygen things on her head.  She is also on a nasal cannula instead of the breathing tube.  Claire looks less swollen today and doensn't have as much pain.  I was able to hold her a few hours yesterday and Granny is holding her now. 

They have taken Claire off of most of her medicines except oxycodine and tylenol.  She's eating from the bottle some.  They hooked Claire up to the temporary pacemaker on Wednesday night and she has been on it since.  We are somewhat concerned about that but the doctors and nurses say it's normal since they cut right through her electrical system when doing the surgery and her heart is trying to pick back up a normal rhythm. 

So the pacemaker is keeing Claire in the PCICU for another day today.  We are trying to adjust to understanding all of the new cardiology termininology at rounds.  The cardiologists all say that Claire's surgery was awesome since they could save the valve and not cut it open. 

It's not as sterile in the PCICU as it was in the ICN.  So I have been wiping everything down with Cavi Wipes and trying to sterilize as much as possible!  It's just a habit and a must for us!

Claire has had several visitors over the past day and a half including our preacher, Julie and James' preacher, nurse Marie, nurse Gina, nurse Susannah, Julie, Amanda, Colby, Remi's mom and dad, nurse Tammy (our favorite L&D nurse), and maybe a few more I am forgetting.  We have seen lots of nurses and doctors (including our fav Dr. Rachel) in the hallways, so it feels like a family reunion or something! 

Please continue to pray for Claire's healing and that her heart regulates itself soon so she can come off of the pacemaker.  I will try to do a better job of updating the blog.  I am just so tired when I get to Julie's at night, I forget sometimes!  And I don't usually bring the computer up when we come to see Claire since that is my time to spend with her. But I did it today anyways! 


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