Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy 4 Month Birthday!

Claire is 4 months old today!  Yay!  It doesn't seem like she should be that old yet!  But we are enjoying every minute of it.  She had her 4 month check up this past week and little did I know that instead of one shot, she was getting 4 shots.  She did great though and didn't have any reactions this time like she did with her 2 month shots.

She weighs 9 lbs 4 oz and is 20 1/4" long now.  She is growing so quickly!  We are getting the hang of sleeping in the big girl crib slowly but surely.  She has decided that 4 am is her wake up time for the day!  So we are putting her in the swing at 4 am and getting a few more hours of sleep.  We are using the video monitor so we can constantly see what she is doing.  I have to honestly say I could not live without the video  monitor.  I love that thing! 

Thank you for all of the continued prayers and support for Claire and our family.  We need it daily and appreciate it daily as well.  Thank you for all of the great meals that have been cooked and delivered for us to eat.  They have definitely helped out tremendously!  Maybe not so much on the waistline though...

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!!


The Scott Family

PS - I tried to post a video below of Claire smiling/laughing.  Not sure if it will work!  If it does, ignore the barking dog in the background and my silly talk!  :)

Trent called me in the den the other night to show me that Claire was snuggling with her newest Wubba Nub doggie!

video monitor

4 shots later :(

I'm growing!

tummy time

Claire's growth chart from birth to present for length and weight.  She is barely on the length curve...


  1. Oh how happy. She is becoming the joyful person who will bring the radiance of her joy into the hearts of many, many people.

    Great video; thank you for sharing so that we who are far away can "be there."

  2. She is so precious!! Enjoy every minute, they grow up too fast. Look at my 3 boys. One is now 22, 20 and 18 and it seems like yesterday they were doing the same things.
    The McLawhorns's

  3. Oh geez, she has the sweetest face and smiles. It just melts your heart over and over. You all knew you loved her, but every day it grows. And it never ends. So glad she is sleeping a bit better. Like I said, just stick with it and it will get easier. Love you all. Have a good week! Oh and poor FUZZ, he cant get enough attention can he?

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  5. What a sweet video!! She is awfully precious!