Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Claire's new sound

Claire has discovered that she can make a "motor boat" sound with her mouth and tongue.  It is so funny!  It sounds bad - Trent said I couldn't let her make that sound in public because people would think it was something else!  :) 

Here's a video of Claire going to sleep last night.  We have started trying not to rock her completely to sleep and to let her self-soothe herself to sleep.  So after I laid her down, she made this noise for 15 minutes straight until she fell asleep.  I had to video it because it's just too funny!  You can't see anything because it's dark in her room, so just listen!

My mom tried to get a video of her doing it yesterday, but of course, when you take the camera out, Claire just stares at it and stops making her noises! 

The Scott Family

PS - started apple sauce yesterday and she loves it too!