Monday, June 27, 2011

On the menu for this week

Claire has graduated from eating the rice cereal to real baby foods this weekend.  We started with sweet potatoes on Saturday and she LOVES them!!!  Tomorrow we will either be trying peas or green beans, then maybe some applesauce or carrots.  Pretty sure she will NOT love the green stuff.  But gotta add some green in there somewhere.  I know my mom tells the story of when I was little - I hated anything green.  I loved spaghetti-Os so much that I turned orange from them.  So she snuck away one day and mashed up ONE pea in my spaghetti-Os trying to trick me into eating something green.  But no fooling me!  I took one bite and wouldn't touch the rest of the sneaky spaghetti-Os.  I am wondering if Claire will be the same.  Maybe she will fool me because this girl likes to eat!

We are also adding in some apple juice today because I think all of these solid foods are clogging up Claire's intestines.  So maybe the juice will help. 

Here is Claire enjoying her sweet potatoes:

And if you say "smeeeeeet po-ta-toes!!!!" in the silly momma voice instead of "sweet potatoes", you get this face below:

The Scott Family

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  1. yay! I'm glad she's loving the real food. Are you making it? Just a tip - pear juice, found in the baby aisle at Target, is great for moving things along.