Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just some pictures

Eating KFC with Uncle Phillip and Aunt Brandy - you see who is at the head of the table!

She wants our food!

visiting with Great Granny and Great Granddaddy

Four Carpenter Generations - Great Granddaddy (89), Big Daddy (55), Momma (31), Claire (8 months)

"My 8 Month Birthday" hat!  I think it actually says "my 1st birthday" but Granny puts a sticky note with the month birthday on it each month so Claire can wear the hat. 

Working on bills - or eating them is more like it!

Hat head!  My dad did this to us as babies and the tradition continues!

The rest of these are from when Claire has been out to my work to visit my friends:

Marlene visiting Claire

Amanda and Claire

Murray and Claire

Susan and Claire

Cathy and Claire

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