Saturday, June 4, 2011

WARNING: Momma bear on the loose

Well, today has been a really good day and a milestone day for our family.  Claire made her first official "outing" at the New Bern Farmer's Market.  We had not planned it, but with the weather being so nice and Claire sleeping a lot last night and this morning, Trent and I talked about it and thought it would be a good idea to try it.  Just go for however long Claire would want to stay and visit our Scott Farm Organics and Deep Gully Gardens booth ( 

So we did just that.  But I had NO idea just how anxious and nervous I would be.  I knew it would be tough for Claire but I think I had a harder time than she did!  I had not prepared what to say to people who wanted to touch her, so when the first friend came up and reached out to touch Claire, I shouted out "please don't touch her!!!".  Or at least I hope I said please.  I may have just left that part out in desperation.  I apologized and still feel bad for saying that, but I couldn't help it. 

Claire looked around overwhelmed at times.  Other times she seemed fine.  She definitely has some stranger anxiety and will cry when strangers get close to her.  Please don't take it personally!  You have to remember that the only strangers she has seen has 99% of the time been doctors and are getting ready to poke and prod her. 

We were able to stay about an hour.  Then it was nap time.  I thought she did quite well for her first real outing!  I am proud of Claire!

So, as a warning, if you see us out and about as we are attempting to do, please be aware of our anxiety.  The past 8 months have been spent keeping Claire alive by keeping her healthy.  That meant not going anywhere, not even visiting close family and friends.  That meant antibacterial hand sanitizer on our hands at all times.  It could have been the difference between life and death for Claire at times, and at other times, it could have saved her hospital stays or sicknesses that could have made her issues a lot worse. 

We are planning to have Claire baptized in the next few weeks, and as we look forward to it so much, I can already feel the anxiety and my throat closing up knowing we will be in an enclosed building with lots of people.  At least the market was open and not enclosed.  So that will be a whole other experience in itself.

Please don't get me wrong!  We know how much each and every one of you love Claire, have prayed for her ceaselessly, and think of her every day.  And we all want you to be able to hug and kiss all over her.  But it's just going to take time.  For her to get well enough and for us to get used to it.  She's still in recovery and has to build up her little immune system slowly but surely. 

So if you see us out, know we are trying to overcome fears - all of us.  And we would love for you to come over to us and see Claire.  But please also know that to continue to keep her safe, and to keep me sane, we would appreciate if you could hold off on touching her for a little while longer.... Please????  (Wanted to make sure I said it this time ahead of time!).  And please do not take offense to our request or this post.  It's not directed to anyone specifically.  It's just my way of asking politely without having to blurt something out in fear.  Then everyone can be happy - Claire will be glad to see you, we will be glad to see you, Claire will not be exposed to unnecessary germs while we are in transition, and we will not be so anxious about taking her out places. 

This momma bear (and daddy bear) is going to do whatever it takes to protect this baby Claire bear. 

The Scott Family

Pics of our outing will come later!!


  1. No one should take offense. You have to do what's right for Claire. If others don't understand, too bad. They won't be the ones sitting with her in hospital when she's sick. We have found that most people are very understanding. Even strangers understand when you give some explanation like "please don't get too close to her as she has a very fragile immune system."

  2. Thats right. Like I said, a forehead sticky note should do the trick. Or a baby bubble. Sometimes Id like both for my two as well. We love Claire and are so glad to be able to be around her today. She do SUPER!! Very proud of her (and mama bear).

  3. From one Mama Bear to another: Never feel bad about protecting your baby-- I was like that with the blond one, and she didn't go through any of the medical stuff Claire has had to go through!

    I saw a mom at the mall the other day with a sign attached to the stroller that said, "Please don't touch me-- even germs from nice people could send me back to the hospital!"

    I thought it was a great way to say it without having to repeat yourself over and over again. Another cute one I've seen says, "Can't touch this! (I'm a preemie)."

    Honestly, if people get offended by your asking them to keep their distance, it's their problem, not yours. Claire has to come before their feelings. Growl away, Mama Bear! Love you!

  4. Offended by a mother's love? I am so relieved to read this post, to know that your Mama Bear reflexes are not standing down. Oh yeah, starting to understand my own Mother's protectiveness more deeply nowadays-- and she would be so proud of you! "The most important thing of all" (to quote Trent's Uncle Robert) is to keep Claire alive and well. And that alone is such a source of joy and blessing to the rest of us! Hugs to all... and can someone please kiss my Aunt and Uncle for me?

  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. We are the same with our preemies. We were given little tags in the nicu that we hang on their carseats that say "Please wash your hands before you touch mine". They are shaped like a stopsign and usually do the trick!