Friday, June 10, 2011

SICC check up

Claire went to Duke yesterday for her second SICC (Special Infant Care Clinic) check up and she did great!  She weighed about 14 lbs 14 oz and measured 24.8" long.  This puts her on the growth chart at 50th percentile for length and just under the 50th percentile for weight.  But keep in mind this is based off of her corrected age of 5 1/2 months, not her actual age of 8 months.  If you went by her actual birthday, she is not on the growth chart.  But for her corrected age the doctor says she is "tall and thin."  Not sure where that came from!  :)  We also saw the physical therapist yesterday.  Here are the notes they sent home with Claire from her visit:

The areas in which I've made PROGRESS include:  Growing so well and doing exercises

My feedings were changed as follows:  Transition to Enfamil Lipil or Similac Advance.  Advance solids as per your pediatrician.

My Therapies will not be changed.

I have been referred to these clinics:  Hearing check with audiology at next appointment and Duke Eye Center

The areas in which I need to work on include:  exercises from PT

So all in all it was a good visit.  They thought she was doing great with her PT that we have been doing with her so instead of scheduling a PT to work with her they just updated the exercises that we do with her at home.  We will now start working on rolling, sitting by herself, and strengthening her stomach muscles so she can start rolling and crawling soon. 

The hearing test is something they do with all SICC babies so that's just routine.  They did ask me if I had noticed that Claire had a lazy eye or weak eye.  I said "no" and as I was saying that I could see my mom shaking her head yes.  I had never noticed it but she said she had, especially in some pictures.  The doctor didn't really think it was lazy eye, but maybe just weakness in one eye or maybe just the way Claire's eyes were close together.  But they recommended we see a pediatric opthamologist just to be sure and correct it now if it was lazy eye.  On the ride home I was telling Trent what she said and he said "there ain't nothing LAZY about Claire!  Maybe a weak eye, but not lazy!"  hahaha He's right - this baby is not lazy.  She's the opposite of that!!  So instead of going all the way back to Duke for the eye check up we are going to see if we can find a pediatric opthamologist closer to home like Wilmington or Greenville.  Any suggestions?

We were able to visit with nurse Marie for a few minutes yesterday and that was great!  We had hoped to stop by the NICU, but Claire was exhausted so we headed on home.  We don't have to go back to SICC until October and then they will run a bunch of developmental tests on Claire to make sure she's developmentally ok.  She is pretty much on track or a little ahead of her corrected age, so I think she will be just fine. 

Wish us luck with the formula transition.  I am a little nervous about it since Claire had such issues with milk proteins.  But we will see!!!

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I Googled "strabismus" which is the medical term for which they are wanting to check Claire's eyes for.  I found this information under strabismus:

Pseudostrabismus is the false appearance of strabismus. It generally occurs in infants and toddlers whose bridge of the nose is wide and flat, causing the appearance of strabismus. With age, the bridge of the child's nose narrows and the folds in the corner of the eyes go away. To detect the difference between pseudostrabismus and strabismus, a Hirschberg test may be used. makes me wonder since Claire has the wide/flat bridge of her nose and the folds in the corners of her eyes if it just makes it look like she has the strabismus?????  Guess we will find out, but thought that was interesting.

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  1. Hi Rebecca! Meredith had pseudostrabismus when she was a baby-- her eyes had a deep fold in the corner which sometimes gave the appearance of a lazy eye. We took her to an eye doctor, and he confirmed that it was nothing to worry about. Sure enough, she grew out of it pretty quickly-- by pics of her at 16 months, it's no longer visible.

    As for a pediatric eye doctor-- I can recommend Eye Associates of Wilmington. They are awesome and have a pediatric specialist named Dr. Johnson. He's great. Their website is