Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who needs Netflix when you have Claire videos?

Below are some videos of the past 2 days of Claire making her new noise.  She does it constantly.  This time you can see her in the videos!  Beware of the drool!  And check out the ham hawks in the second video.  Definitely got those from her momma. 

This second video could be considered a 3-D video with Claire grabbing at the camera.....  :)

Also, yesterday I talked to a friend whose granddaughter was born about 2 weeks ago at 27 weeks gestation.  She was only on the respirator for 6 hours and as of yesterday, she was already out of ICU, not on any IVs, and only on the NG tube.  Talk about a miracle baby!!!   This friend also happens to be my nurse at my OB/GYN.  I had my check up yesterday and the doctor told me that she had just had a couple in that had just recently found out their unborn child has Tetralogy of Fallot.  How coincidental is that?  I basically blurted out to her to PLEASE give them my contact information as I would be more than happy to talk to them about our experience.  I hope she does, and I hope they feel like they can call, email, or talk. 

At the visit, we also talked about how I am now labeled "high risk" and if Trent and I were to try to have more children, there would be things that would have to be done differently this time.  One thing would be to take an injection called 17P, or Makena, starting at 16 weeks and going through (hopefully at least) 36/37 weeks.  It is supposed to cut preterm labor by 1/3.  I remember reading about Makena on the March of Dimes website, but looked it up again today.  Did you know this shot costs approximately $1,500 per injection????  And you are supposed to take it weekly for at least 20 weeks??  That's $30,000!!!  Yes, it would be worth it to carry the baby full term and $30,000 doesn't even compare to the approximately $1 million in hospital charges we have already made.  And they are not sure if insurance will cover it or not.  Out of pure curiosity, I called BCBS and left a message with our case manager to see if our insurance would cover it.  If not, I think all of us preemie parents should write letters to somebody demanding a lower price!  That's ridiculous!!!  Anyways, another project for me to work on one of these days....

Makena website is:

To end the post, here are a few pictures of Claire - one in the bouncy thing (we call it a Johnny Jump Up) and one of her cow lick. 

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