Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updates on Claire's friends

I forgot to get my mom's camera this morning to upload some new and fun pictures of what Claire has been up to, so I will try to do that tomorrow!

Wanted to update you on 2 of Claire's friends.  Super Dude had his abdominal and ear surgery on Monday and is already home!  Way to go!  Thank you for all of the prayers for him and his family.  You can read more about Super Dude and his adventures here:

Another friend, Claire Elizabeth has been admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She has been having multiple seizures this week and also a fever.  Once at the hospital they determined she may have a UTI which can be contributing to her discomfort and maybe increased seizure activity.  But they are keeping her for observation.  Please keep Claire Elizabeth and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  You can read more about Claire Elizabeth here:

Our Claire is doing well.  She is working on her new PT exercises and starting to like tummy time more.  Claire is getting stronger in her upper body and can push herself up when on her stomach really high.  She is sitting by herself some, but falls over a lot.  But she's getting her balance together.  Her two bottom middle teeth have broke through and are starting to show!  So cute but those things are sharp!  Trent and I call them her "puppy teeth" as they seem to be just as sharp. 

The formula switch over is going ok so far.  She's now up to 3 oz Alimentum and 3 oz of Gentlease in each bottle.  This weekend I will probably start doing the 4 oz Gentlease and 2 oz Alimentum.   I am trying to speed up the process b/c she will be able to start trying baby foods when we get through this transition ok and this girl is hungry!

We are all getting very excited about Claire's big day on Sunday.  Not only will it be Trent's first Father's Day as a new dad, Claire will be baptized on Sunday.  We are very excited to be making this special step in Claire's life and ours. 

The Scott Family

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  1. Congrats and best wishes on Claire's christening this Sunday. We'll be thinking of you! Love to all... :)