Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy 8 months birthday Claire!

Claire is 8 months old today.  Where does the time go!?!?!  Soon we will be planning a 1st birthday party!  Claire had a great weekend in honor of her birthday.  Friday was Claire's great granddaddy's 89th birthday, so we got to spend some time with him which was nice (pictures are on my mom's camera so they will come at a later date!). 

Saturday morning we went to the New Bern Farmer's Market to visit as you have already probably read.  Below are some of our pictures from Claire's first real outing.  And by the way, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not take offense to that post.  I was only warning you that I may act crazy out in public!  It's more of a me thing at this point of me having to get used to other people being around Claire, us both being out in public places where anyone can touch her or breathe on her, etc.  Don't get me wrong - I want Claire to get used to others and I know I can't protect her from germs forever.  But it will definitely take some getting used to.  It even took me a while to get used to taking her to other family members' houses.  So don't take it the wrong way!  Claire is in the stage of putting her hands and everything else in her mouth now.  So if you want to touch her, maybe touch her feet or her back or something that she won't put in her mouth.  That would be ok!!   I know I am only protecting Claire and that's the main point. 

Claire helped me water roses on Saturday and sat in her high chair for the first time Saturday evening just to play.  She seemed to like if for a little while.  We put her in it again last night while we ate supper and she didn't like it as much.  But we will keep practicing.  Saturday was also special because Dr. Rachel got married!  We are so happy for her and know that everything went perfectly!  Congratulations Dr. Rachel!!!!

She is starting to be able to balance herself in my lap to sit unassisted a little.  Not much but it's progress!!  Claire is also starting to sleep more during the night.  Last night she slept from 8 pm to 6:15 am!  Yay!!!  Some nights she still gets up once, but that's ok.  Claire is also scratching everything a lot.  She mainly scratches the mattress/sheet in her crib going to sleep or waking up.  But she also scratches the back of her head, me, Trent, our faces, the dog, the couch, and now her diaper.  It looks very unlady-like when she does this!!!  But I think she just likes the noise it makes.  :)

We haven't started any solids yet.  Claire just gets formula with rice cereal added at night.  I have lots of baby food ready to go, but just haven't decided when to start.  We were kind of waiting to get past the liver surgery and recovery before starting something new.  So it's probably been long enough and she's old enough now to try it.  So maybe one day in the near future.....

Sunday, Claire went to visit Grandma Neat-Neat and strolled around her yard.  She absolutely loves to be outside and in the umbrella stroller.  I can see the travel system stroller is going to be too much for her now.  But the umbrella stroller we have is too simple.  So I have got to find one in between.  But the small stroller works great out in the yard and up and down the driveway (at my mom's). 

Claire is also outgrowing the baby bathtub she has.  Have to figure out what the next step in bathtubs would be for her.  She loves her bath time!  Trent is still trying to get our pool water right so we can get in (during the time I was at Duke before Claire was born and all the rain came, it blew our pool cover off while we were all up there and all the leaves go in it!!  So it's taking a little longer to get it clean).

We have set a date for Claire to be baptized and are hoping it works out!  I know how planning goes with her, so I am not going to be shocked if we have to change the date.  But we are excited that it is getting close and what it means for Claire.  She also has her SICC check up this week at Duke where she will see the neonatologists from the NICU/TCN and I think the physical and speech therapists to see if she is on track for her adjusted age.  I think she is, and hope they do too! 

PS  - no fever this weekend, so who knows what it was. 

The Scott Family

hanging out in SFO and DGG booth

Claire and Grandma Neat Neat

Uncle Franky and cousins Connor and Anna were there too!

Momma and Claire taking it all in.

So proud to be in my big girl high chair!

Trying out my spoon for the first time

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