Monday, June 13, 2011

Dogs, teeth, visiting, rain, etc.

As you can see from the last post, Claire really likes dogs.  She thinks they are very funny and wants to play with them.  We visited our neighbor Tammy yesterday and she has lots of dogs too.  Claire "played" with their small dog.  I held Claire down to the dog and he licked all over her face!  She loved it!  Then he ran and got a toy and shook it and she laughed and laughed.  This is so much fun!  This visit was short for Claire but it went well.  She didn't seem scared or uncomfortable at Tammy's (she has twin boys) so maybe Claire could sense the kid friendly enviroment.  Tammy got lots of smiles out of Claire!  But each trip out and visit makes it much easier on all of us. 

We also think a tooth is making its way through the gum.  My mom said Claire bit down on her finger this weekend and she felt something sharp.  Of course Claire will not let us look in her mouth.  But I do feel a sharp hard point down on her bottom gum.  Maybe that was the culprit for the fever last week!

We finally got some rain on our crops - thanks be to God!!!!

Today, Claire's friend Super Dude is having surgery.  Please keep him in your prayers!!

We started the transition of formula on Saturday so we are still watching to see if anything will happen with the milk proteins.  I am hoping Claire has grown out of that allergy!  I also called and got Claire an eye appointment in Wilmington - it's not until the end of October.  That was the earliest they could give us!  October is going to be another busy month with Claire and Trent's birthdays, doctors appointments, church activities, hunting season starting, the dog's birthday, and our wedding anniversary. 

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