Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Invitations and Photography Sessions

First things first - please say lots of prayers today for Baby Scarlet who desperately needs a heart transplant immediately.  She is about 3 months old and has HLHS.  We do not know her, but we know how many people that didn't know us prayed for Claire.  And prayers work.  So please pray for a miracle for Scarlet.  Here is her blog:

Ok, now on to the birthday party invitations.  Someone special will be ONE in less than a month!  Where in the world has the time gone??  Geez!  We sent out the Evites yesterday via email to everyone we could think of who might want to be invited or has told us they wanted to be invited AND that we had their email address.  If you did not get one and want to come, PLEASE either email me, Facebook me, or comment below with your email address.  If you don't have email, let me know and I will give you the information!

The big day will be October 8th!  And remember from a previous post ( that Erin McCoy so graciously offered to come all the way from Florida to take Claire's Littlest Heroes pictures at her party?!?  Well, she is still planning to be there and is still offering her "Claire Special" to all of Claire's friends.  Erin is planning to come up to NC a few days before the party to offer sessions to all of you at highly discounted prices.  Here is the information from the previous post (and you can click on her logo to go directly to her website to check out her awesome talent!):

Here are a few words from Erin:

I have two rules about photography:

1. You should love your photos. Who cares what the photographer wants?! These are YOUR photos! I want to work with you to insure you are always relaxed & excited about the photos we are creating together.
2. You should love your photographer. Photography isn't just about the final product, it's also about the process!! I want you to have as much fun creating these photos as I do, so I always strive to make each photo shoot fun, friendly, and full of energy. My goal is to make your unique character & charisma shine through every shoot. 

Communication is extremely important to me, so please contact me if you want to chat or ask questions!! Call, email, write a letter - whatever!! I'll be coming up to visit for Claire's 1st Birthday and I'm looking forward to meeting the amazing people who love this incredible girl. 

Erin McCoy (Photography)
75500 Clyde Higginbotham Rd.
Yulee, FL 32097
(office) 904.849.7294

Not only has Erin offered to come all the way from Florida to document Claire's first birthday in October, she is planning to come up and stay for a few days with her parents.  While here, she is hoping that some of our friends and family might want their own photography session with Erin!  She is willing to basically do whatever kind of session you would like - family, maternity, newborn, engagement, whatever....  Her normal charge for these sessions are $250 - but for friends of Claire, she is offering to do your session at only $150!  That's a $100 discount!  PLUS any orders of your prints over $300, she is willing to offer at 10% discount!  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!!!  Please, please take advantage of this.  For all of those times you said you wanted family portraits done, now is the time!  Not only are you supporting Erin, you are supporting Claire and this great cause. 

Please take a moment and think about taking advantage of this great deal with an awesome photographer who is sacrificing lots of her time to do something very special for our family.  You can email her and she can answer any of your questions, set up a place and time to do your shoot, and on top of that, she's just really nice to talk to!  Erin is quick to get back with you so no waiting for days to book your session. 

Thanks in advance to showing support to Erin!!

The Scott Family

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