Monday, September 19, 2011

A jam packed weekend

First - please keep Mason in your prayers today and the following days.  He is one of Claire's heart buddies and has TOF like Claire.  He is having his open heart surgery this morning to repair his TOF.  Please pray for Mason, the doctors and nurses, his family, Mason's recovery, and that everything gets fixed in his heart like it's supposed to be!  You can follow Mason's blog at:

This weekend was jam packed full of things!  We attended 2 birthday parties on Saturday and church on Sunday, and even ate at Pizza Hut!  Claire did great at everything!  She had fun at the parties and even stayed in the nursery at church without me.  She seems to be getting a little better at stranger anxiety.  I am hoping it gets even better before her birthday party!  *sigh* Our little girl is growing up.... 

There are a lot of pictures, so I will just get started with those and describe them in the captions.

Someone gave Claire these heart pajamas and they were just too cute!!!!!!!


This is what Claire thought of her first attempt at birthday cake.  Acutally, she was too interested in the Baby Einstein video that was on. 

Uncle Phillip and Claire treating Miller like a horse!

Claire and Aunt Brandy

Anna showing Claire how to play with this toy at Anna's 2nd birthday party.

Claire, Anna, and Connor

Claire playing with the "See And Say" while Anna opens her gifts.

Then she found Connor's combine.

And then the balloons!

And decided she loves vanilla ice cream!

My new big girl car seat thanks to Mrs. Tammy!

My shirt says I am "unBEETable" with a beet on it!

Aunt Sarah bought this outfit for me before I was even in my momma's belly!

Claire loves to play the piano.

Super cute with her new bow this morning!

Finger painting - helping to make decorations for her 1st birthday party

I love painting!
We have also tried to take lots of videos lately of Claire.  She's doing something new almost every day now, it's hard to keep up with her!  I will post the videos another day so you will have something to laugh at!  :)

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