Monday, September 26, 2011

One year ago September 25-27

One year ago this past weekend, this was me:

About 27 1/2 weeks pregnant (or just over 6 months).  Just at the start of my 3rd trimester.  Claire was supposed to be between the size of an eggplant and a winter squash.  Before this point in my pregnancy, I had only gained 15 pounds.  This weekend, my legs and feet became very swollen.  I became very uncomfortable.  My back hurt bad on the right side under my shoulder blade.  I couldn't walk around a consignment sale without sitting down every 10 minutes.  I was miserable.  This picture was taken on Saturday, Sept. 25th.  On Sunday, Trent and I helped out with a farm tour and I registered people.  I had about 3 strangers ask me when I was due.  When I told them December 22nd, they loudly exclaimed - "Oh!  You look like you are due any day now!"  I was appalled that someone would tell a pregnant lady who JUST told you she had 3 more months to go, that she basically looked huge.  I could hardly walk after that farm tour.  Little did I know these strangers were right - Claire was coming 10 days.   

Monday, I went to the OB/GYN to get my RhoGham shot since my blood type is Rh Negative and Trent's is positive.  It was supposed to prevent the Rh Incompatibility that Claire experienced (read more about that here).  Which obviously the shot didn't work for us for some reason (and no - I have not had any abortions or miscarriages).  When they weighed me before giving me the RhoGham shot, I had gained 10 pounds over the past week.  Something didn't seem right since my weight gain had been so good, so they made me stay to see the doctor.  She checked me out and said it was just probably a normal part of the pregnancy since my legs and feet were extremely swollen and that happens to a lot of women.  Just to go and keep my legs and feet elevated.  So that's what I did on that Monday, Sept. 27th. 

One year later, we are blessed with this little girl every day!

"I like my pink and camouflage boots!"

"Go Wolfpack!"

I put Claire in the NC State outfit this morning.  And when I got to my parents' house to drop her off, my mom pointed out that we matched.  I had dressed myself in a red shirt and black pants today!  My mom says it part of parenting and we start matching without even knowing it!  Ha! Ha!

The Scott Family

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