Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22nd

Get ready for the next few weeks of posts about "a year ago today...."  For some reason, anniversaries of events or important things have always meant a lot to me.  As the days get closer to when I went into labor early with Claire last year leading up to her birth, I will probably be posting a lot on what was happening this time a year ago.

But what was happening 11 years ago on September 22nd?  Oh, September 22nd.  A day that still haunts me.  Something terrible happened for our family.  Trent's dad was killed in an automobile accident.  The only word that comes to mind - tragic. 

This post is not meant to be about the tragedy that happened.  But it's supposed to be about what HE would think of Claire.  I often wonder about what he would think of this Scott girl.

Trent's dad would be "Granddaddy" to Claire.  I am 110% sure he would love her to no end and spoil her with anything she could want.  He and Trent would probably be in a competition to see who could spoil Claire the most!  Especially with John Deere items. 

I can see him right now sitting back in his recliner with his squinted eyes and a big grin on his face as he watches Claire crawl across the floor.  Claire seems to have a "fear" of men with beards.  I think it's a phase she is going through.  They just look different.   I am pretty sure that if she knew her Granddaddy, she would have no fear of beards!   She would have learned that a big snugly bear was hiding behind that big fuzzy beard of his.

NASCAR tickets would already be purchased for her very first race as well as tickets to a NCSU basketball game.  Maybe even Duke basketball tickets as I believe he would be converted like we have been.  I am sure of this.

You know those bumper stickers that say "Ask me about my grandchildren"?  Well, I don't know if he'd go quite as far as to have one on his truck.  But I am pretty sure he would live, eat, and breathe that phrase, because Granddaddy LOVED to talk.  To any one at any time about any thing.  People would be getting an earful at the store, at the firehouse, or anywhere really about what Claire was doing today, the funny things she was saying, or just how smart she is.  He would already have her college life and career planned out in his head.  Granddaddy would have big dreams for this baby girl. 

I am also sure Granddaddy would already have his eye on a pink BB gun that he planned to buy Claire one day so she could go hunting with him.  And a Ducks Unlimited rocking chair, tricycle, backpack............... you name it, she would have it from DU. 

And amongst all of the paperwork, trash, business cards, and dust on the dash of his truck, I bet you might be able to find a picture or two of Claire.  Just so he could show them off when he wanted to. 

And hats.  Oh the hats he would be collecting for this child.  I think he had a billion of his own and passed that trait down to Trent.  Even if she never wore them, he would give her some hats. 

It's fun to think about the things that Claire and Granddaddy would do together if he was still here.  But it's extremely sad at the same time as I know how much both of them will miss out on each other's company and getting to know one another.  It's hard to think of all the things he has missed and things he will miss.  But most of all, I am sad for Claire that she will not know him physically on this Earth, but she will know him from stories we tell.  But I am also110% sure he is watching from Heaven and knows Claire and everything about her.  Who knows - he is probably up in Heaven right now propped up on the counter at the corner store, with a Pepsi in one hand and a honey bun in the other, telling all of the other angels about what his Claire Bear is doing today.  And I am pretty sure he'd think that she was named Claire "Bear" after his nickname and you couldn't tell him any differently. 

The Scott Family

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  1. I love this post...And I love thinking about Eddie watching Claire. He definitely is we just cant see him. She is being loved and protected by him for sure! Love you all.