Thursday, September 15, 2011

Claire had a blast at B.L.A.S.T!

My parents' church has a Wednesday night supper each week and they call it B.L.A.S.T (Believers Learning And Serving Together).  My mom invited us to go eat with her and give some people a chance to see Claire that have been praying so diligently for her for so long.  I have to admit I as a little nervous after what happened at the family night supper at our church not too long ago with the meltdown. 

But I am proud to say that Claire did AWESOME!  She didn't fuss at all or get scared!  It was a big group of adults and kids running around.  It was loud and busy.  But she acted like it didn't bother her.  Strangers even came up and spoke to her and she was ok.  She got still and quiet and watched them closely, but she didn't cry!  YAY!  They even sang the Happy Birthday song to someone there who was celebrating a birthday.  I was anxious b/c at my birthday party, she lost it when they sang.  Her eyes got really big and she just stared at me while the sang last night, but no tears! 

She also got to visit and meet Jake - an ex-preemie who is now 3 years old!  Jake and his family walked in the March of Dimes on Team Claire Rose and fixed us many delicious meals after Claire came home.  We were glad to sit and visit while we ate spaghetti. 

So we all had a blast!

Claire and Granny

Claire and Jake

Mmmmmm...yummy spaghetti!

The Scott Family

PS - Claire is on the go now with crawling!  :)

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