Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Farmer's Daughter (and Happy 11 Month Birthday Claire!)

We had a great Labor Day weekend!  Claire especially showed her personality a lot this weekend.  Not only did she get another tooth (that makes 5), she has at least one more that may make an appearance any day now. 

I had noticed last weekend that Claire really liked watching my dad on the lawnmower picking up hurricane debris.  So when we pulled up to the shop Saturday and Trent was mowing the grass, I thought we would see what she would do on the lawnmower.  Of course she LOVED it!  Trent even rode her around in a circle and she just squealed with delight! 

Trent decided this weekend that he had to try to pick what corn he could.  The draught plus Hurricane Irene made for a not so great corn crop, but since it was still standing, he decided it was time to try to pick it ahead on any rain coming in this week.  He had been talking about Claire riding the combine with him since she was born and he could hardly wait!  He had even named it "Claire's Combine".  So we loaded up and went to ride the combine.  Claire was a "natural" at it.  She loved it!  I mean - L.O.V.E.D it!  She wasn't scared, she sat right on my lap beside her daddy, she held onto a gear shift in there part of the time, and she kicked her legs with excitement.  She was in her element.  So I have now come to the conclusion that she is the epitome of a farmer's daughter.  Trent could not be more proud!  :) 

Of course, she had to wear her pink John Deere onesie that her daddy bought her the weekend she came home from Duke.  It's a 12 month onesie and still a little too big, but it was a must for the combine ride.  She watched the combine and made a noise every time it came close like she wanted to get back on it.  Trent and Claire were in hog heaven!  And I was too watching my 2 favorites doing what they love to do.   And spending time as our family!  Claire hung out on the tailgate of Trent's truck and even got dirty and didn't even care.  She says "dirt don't hurt!" 

Trent picking corn in the Olive Field.

Our family

Claire waving from the combine! 

That's the truth!


"See, I'm dirty because I am working hard!"

Claire and Momma


*in the above video, you can see the arm coming out from the tractor.  This is not supposed to happen.  But "someone" (meaning ME) was sitting on the lever to move the arm.  Whoops!  ;)

Claire is really into music too.  She loves music of any kind.  Every night when the news comes on and the music plays for the news, she will stop whatever she is doing, and snatch her head around so she can see the TV.  She does this for a Furniture Distributors commercial and also for Wheel of Fortune.  We can be in the middle of playing and if music comes on the TV, Claire will give it her full attention.  I need to get her some musical instruments, but in the meantime, I pulled out the trusty pot and wooden spoon to make our own music. 

Claire and Elmo playing the "drums" with the pot and wooden spoon.

Claire is just on the verge of crawling!!!  She actually has also started trying to pull herself up on things.  We lowered her crib to the lowest setting this weekend because I found her sitting up in the crib one morning.  It won't be long until she's pulling herself up in the crib too. 

Pulling up on things
 We had lunch with Uncle Phillip and Aunt Brandy this weekend and then Uncle Phillip came to play with Claire at Granny and Big Daddy's.  He was working really hard with her to get her to crawl.  She is almost doing it!  She can now get her leg out, but then puts the right leg out to brace herself.  Phillip kept calling it her "kickstand" because that's what it looks like!  I am betting she will be crawling in the next week or two. 

Claire and her "kickstand"
And today is Claire's 11 month birthday!  I can hardly believe it's been 11 months since we welcomed Claire into this world.  She is the love of our lives and we are so proud of her!  Our lives have been so enriched by Claire and we wouldn't change it for the WORLD!  Happy birthday sweet baby girl!

"I am 11 months old today!"

The Scott Family


  1. You might try putting puffs or cherrio's on the floor in a trail and she will crawl to those. This is how I got Greyson to crawl, it didn't take him long of course he liked army crawling to them better but he did eventually get the hang of crawling. Hope that helps.

  2. LOVE that up close shot of Claire's face. She is breath-taking!!!!

  3. I like it! Kickstand! :) We used a bottle to get Connor to crawl..he didnt know it was empty! :)