Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some fun things!

This post will just be a melee of fun things that have happened the past few days.  I told you about Eliza's party this weekend and today, her family has posted their video of Eliza's first year to their blog!  Check it out as it is awesome!  The link is http://heatherandglenn.blogspot.com/2011/09/elizas-first-year.html.  Claire even makes a few appearances!  And in one video you can hear the front desk call back to see if the Scott Family can come back.  It reminded me of how we basically had to ask for permission to even see our daughter every day.  Their videos brought back a lot of memories of so many days in the NICU with the wires, the sounds, the day-to-day stuff that you become accustomed to so quickly as a normal way of life that is actually one of the furthest things from normal.  We, unfortunately, didn't have the forethought to make any videos while there.  So enjoy Eliza's photos and video and see how much she has changed this past year!  Aunt Amanda has been working really hard on getting Claire's first year video made in time for her birthday party.  I saw it last night and I think I could watch it repeatedly for a whole day.

A few weeks ago, a new Dunkin Donuts place opened up in the gas station near my parent's house.  I haven't stopped in there because I am a sucker for donuts.  But yesterday, Trent went and bought me a plain glazed donut (my fav) and then bought Claire 3 donut holes - or "Munchkins" as Dunkin Donuts calls them.  Trent said "a Munchkin for my munchkin!"  So sweet!  I gave Claire a bite of her first donut and she liked it.  She took a few big bites!  Then I ate the rest!  :)  Sorry for the blurry picture - it's from my cell phone.

My first Munchkin from Dunkin Donuts!  Yummy!

Fuzz hangs very close to Claire.  He even let her bite his ear this past weekend!  Poor Fuzz is not doing well at all and we will end up taking him back to the animal hospital sometime this week to check out his shoulder.  Say some prayers for him!  He is our 4 legged baby and is almost 11 years old.  He himself has had a tough go as he battled cancer with radiation and surgery at 6 years old, and now suffers from ruptured discs in his back and can only walk on 3 legs. 

best buddies

Claire has started sitting up in her crib when she wakes up now.  We have a video monitor so we can watch her all the time.  She has always seemed to know exactly where the camera thing is and looks into it like she's looking at us.  It's weird.  Now that she sits up, she can get even closer to the camera!  I tried to get a picture of her this morning and it turned out weird.  She was yawning!  But you get the point!  It's hilarious!

"look at me!!!!"

Among loving to watch Elmo, Barney, and Baby Einstein, Claire also loves to watch the news/weather and Wheel of Fortune.  Yes, she loves the Wheel!  I think it's the colors that spin across the screen.  Her Great Granny Rose would be proud that she loves the game shows like she did!  And Wheel is also one of her Great Grampa's favorite shows now!  Here's a video of her calling out her letters!  ;)

And can we get a drum roll please????......................................

Claire is starting to CRAWL!!!  As of yesterday, this little girl is figuring it out finally!  She only goes after things she really wants like the remote, the computer, cell phones, cups, the dog, or the dog's ball.  She is not interested in performing for her ordinary toys.  I think I took about 127 videos with my camera last night and this morning trying to capture it for you.  Here is the best one so far!

So, those are the happenings in our lives right now.  We have lots of birthday parties to go to this weekend including a big one for Aunt Amanda, Aunt Brandy, Aunt Julie, Uncle Phillip, and Big Daddy and then another party for Anna's birthday!  Whew!

The Scott Family

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