Friday, September 2, 2011

Claire's first word

We finally got to hear Claire say "da da" last night!  It was great!  I tried to sneak a video of it without her knowing as I knew as soon as she saw the camera she would stop.  So I apologize for the crazy video at the beginning.  I was trying to hide.  ;)

You can also see in the video that Claire is getting really close to getting on her hands and knees from a sitting position.  She gets one leg stuck underneath her every time.  Hopefully she will figure it out soon.  It won't be long and she will be crawling!

We think that "da da" is her first official word, although I swear she says "hey" and "yay" a lot.  She is such a happy baby.  I love it.  Trent is so proud that she is now saying "da da"!  She woke up this morning and started saying it when I put her in the bed with Trent.  I am sure she is just saying it and doesn't realize what "da da" really means, but it's fun to pretend! 

The Scott Family

PS - the video was longer with her playing and everything, but it wouldn't let me upload it.  So I had to cut it short.  :(


  1. Too cute! Not sure if Claire see's a PT but when Greyson was at that point she suggested we put a toy out to the side of him and then help himm get over his foot and that really helped him learn to get from crawling to sitting and vice versa. Good Luck she will be pulling up on stuff and walking in no time.

  2. Tell Dad to enjoy it while he can, because she'll switch to "mommy" in a bit ;)
    Claire looks fantastic - glad she's doing so well. Just popped in from Stef's blog.
    -Nanette of HeartBabyHome