Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Videos and an update on Mason

Mason came through his heart surgery yesterday very well!  All I could do yesterday was think about Mason and his family just knowing the stress and worry they were going through every hour just sitting there waiting for the smallest update.  I prayed and prayed all day.  I remember at some points during all of Claire's situations thinking I couldn't pray enough or just didn't have the mind about me to pray.  But I remember knowing that so many others were praying for Claire and for us, that it was carrying us through.  When you just don't have the strength to pray for yourself, someone else already is praying for you.  That's a blessing!  Mason's mom uploaded a picture of him last night in recovery and he looks just like Claire did with the wires, tubes, stickers, tape, and monitors.  The next day or so is the hardest when they start waking up in pain and not knowing what is going on.  So please continue to pray for a speedy and easy recovery for Mason!  To follow Mason's blog and updates, go to http://www.preciousmason.blogspot.com/.

Ok, so here are some recent videos that I promised yesterday! 

Claire is not interested in birthday cake.  We will have to work on this one before her party!  She obviously did not get her taste for cake from her momma because I will go for birthday cake over anything else!  Although, I couldn't stand the taste of it while I was pregnant with Claire....

Here is just a cute video of Claire laughing and "talking".  She doesn't use a paci anymore, but likes to chew on the flat part like a teether.  Also you notice the snowmen in the background.  They have stayed there at my parent's house by her changing table because she loves to play with them so much.  So they are now there year-round!

Here she is in the early stages of crawling. She has no troubles now getting around very quickly!  She moves a lot easier and faster now than in this video. 

And this last video is from the birthday party for my sisters, brother, his girlfriend, and my dad this weekend.  The big dogs belong to my sisters.  Claire LOVES them!  It's hard to tell in the video, but she was laughing so hard!!!  Like a huge belly laugh!  Her face was beet red as she was laughing so hard that she was almost losing her breath.  You know, like when you laugh so hard it hurts and you have to rest afterwards?!?  That was it!  We were so enthralled with Claire and how much she was laughing, we didn't think about videoing it until she was getting tired, so you missed the best part.  But you get the point! 

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