Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I guess I didn't knock hard enough

Twice this week, the topic of conversation was that Claire was lucky she had not been sick yet.  Each time this subject was brought up, I found the closest piece of wood and knocked on it (yes, I am very superstitious).  Well, either I didn't knock hard enough or it was fake wood.  Claire woke us all up this morning at 2 am because she couldn't breathe.  Her little nose was full of clear snot!  :(

I knew the only way to remedy this problem at 2 am was to pull out the one thing Claire despises.  I really think she was traumatized with it in the NICU because she would act the same way then when I used it as she did last night.  I warned Trent before I went upstairs to be prepared for an all out, fall out screaming match.  And that, it was. 

What, you ask, might be this huge, scary, terrifying, horrifying thing? 

Cue scary music......................dum, dum, dummmmmmmmm...............

Yes, you guessed it.  The horrifying bulb syringe!

Claire fought me tooth and nail trying to clean her nose out.  And after the fight, she just smiled and laughed through the tears.  I know she felt better because she could now breathe!

This event of course woke her slam up, so she didn't end up going back to sleep until around 4 am.  By this time Trent and Fuzz were both wide awake watching tv.  I got back in bed and then at 4:30 am, Claire cried out in her sleep.  That's when Trent decided he was up for the day and he left to go get us breakfast!

So I have no idea what to do for a runny nose.  It's clear, so that's a good sign.  But the poor girl can't sleep at night with her nose clogged up.  Waiting for the nurse/doctor to call me back with advice this morning.   I've already got some good feedback on Facebook about not giving decongestants but using humidifiers and plug-ins. 

On another note, I am so extremely sad to say that I think we will be having to let go of our 4 legged baby very soon, if not today.  His cancer returned a few weeks ago with avengance and has basically taken over his body.  Our dog, Fuzz, is a miniature rat terrier so he is small weighing about 18 lbs.  I bet the tumor that he has now is the size of a cantaloupe on his left shoulder.  It's throwing him off balance it's so big.  Five years ago, Fuzz was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumor which is a canine cancer.  He had the tumor removed, his lymph node removed on his left shoulder, and had several weeks of radiation on his leg and shoulder.  He was almost 6 years old then.  He will be 11 years old October 9th.  So he's lived a lot longer than the veterinarians thought he would after the cancer and radiation.  But it seems to have really taken over this time and with his age, there's nothing we could do.  It had spread too fast. 

We have been keeping him comfortable with pain meds and prednisone, but yesterday the tumor has gotten so big, it has started tearing the old scar open on his shoulder.  It's so sad.  He can't live like that.  He eats and drinks fine, but he is scared.  There is nothing we can do anymore to fix it.  So we are faced with a very tough decision.  One I prayed I would never have to make for him.  But it seems we will.  Soon. 

Fuzz has been the best dog anyone could ask for.  He's had a wonderful life.  Trent gave him to me as my Christmas present in November of 2000.  He was so small, he fit in Trent's coat pocket!  Fuzz has been through a  lot with our family - from graduations, marriage, building our home, and now Claire.  I am so glad he and Claire learned to love each other.  He has been so good to her from the night we brought Claire home from Duke.  He lets her pull his ears, hit is head, pull his whiskers, anything she wants to do.  We take Fuzz to "day care" every day.  He goes to Grandma Neat Neat's house and has every day since we got him.  He has never stayed at our house alone by himself, ever.  He's like me and doesn't like to be alone.  So he hangs out with her 2 dogs during the day and then comes home at night.  He still has the same stuffed toy that he had as a small puppy and sleeps with it every night in our bed. 

So, it is a sad day.  He is part of our family. 

2006 - Fuzz starting his radiation

2006 - Radation on left leg and shoulder

Where they removed lymphnode in 2006 and where tumor has returned now.

2006 - recovering from radiation

2011 - Claire and her buddy

2011 - 2 peas in a pod

2011 - always by Claire's side

This video is from June 10, 2011.  It was really the first time Claire laughed so hard at Fuzz!  I love this video!!!

Please pray for him and us.

The Scott Family


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I'm a friend of Kellie's, FAB board member, and MC graduate. Have you heard of the Nose Frida? They are the best ever for cleaning out their nose as long as the concept doesn't gross you out! You can read more & watch a video here.


    Hope Claire feels better soon!


  2. Praying for Fuzz. I'm so sorry :(

    We have the nose frida and it is amazing. Saline nose spray also works wonders!

    Feel better, Claire!!!