Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trying out a few new things and some more Hurricane Irene pictures

Hi!  I've been trying out a few new things lately!  It's been a lot of fun!  I played in the sand and on the slide.  I have even experienced my very first earthquake along with my very first hurricane.  I am thinking I don't really like those two things.  I know my momma and daddy don't. 

My mom finally realized I was starving and was ready to try some real food.  They were eating spaghetti the other night and I just kept staring at them hoping they would get the point that I wanted to try some.  Now that I have 4 teeth, I want real food.  So finally momma fixed me a plate of spaghetti and I loved it!  She didn't even have to feed it to me - I fed it to myself!  I am such a big girl! 

I like spaghetti!!  YUM!

I went down to Pamlico County yesterday to check out my great grandparents' river house.  It was a mess.  It made me sad that I never got a chance to come down and visit there until now.  Aunt Amanda and Uncle Colby took me down to the water though and I loved the wind blowing through my hair!  And watching the water splash against the rocks.  Oh, and while we were down there, I thought I would see if anyone was paying attention to me - you know, I love to be the center of attention.  So I said "da da" and then waited to see if anyone heard it.  Granny and Aunt Amanda did!  But now that I have said it once, I just don't feel like saying it again for a long time.  Even though I know my parents would love to hear me and they repeat it over and over again like I can't hear them.  They are on MY time clock, not theirs.  Will they ever get that straight? 

The weather is starting to change here.  Cool mornings and nights, and the days are warm.  My momma wasn't prepared this morning and doesn't have any pants that will fit me. So she put these 0-3 month pants on me that don't even match my onesie.  Seriously mom?  Ugh.  Then she put these furry things on my feet and a furry John Deere jacket on me.  I looked like a fur ball.  But a cute one! 

These 0-3 month pants are cutting into my stomach and look like capris!

Here are a few more pictures of Hurricane Irene's aftermath.  It is so sad.  I am hoping a hurricane never comes back here ever again.  There are still people without power, including my great grandparents, but momma is calling the city today to get them on the stick.  They sure don't want me showing up at their door!  I could tell them a thing or two....

All the pine tree limbs down in Granny and Big Daddy's yard.  I picked them all up myself. 

Taking a break from working in the yard.  I deserve a break!

Watching Elmo and trying to stay cool with no air conditioner.  TORTURE!

Finally, they fixed the power lines to Granny and Big Daddy's!  I knew when I strolled down there and gave them a piece of my mind, they would work quicker. 

Looking from what used to be the kitchen into the side porch area.

Great Granny and Great Granddaddy's boat shelter.  The boat is way down the road in the bean field. 

the porch area

Looking from the porch back into the den area.  The stove from the kitchen is sitting in the den by the front door.

One of the bedrooms

Den area - part of the refrigerator (big white rectangle) is in the den. 

bedroom with driftwood around the bed

Out of all the rooms in the house, Great Granny and Great Granddaddy's bedroom looks almost untouched!  Even the pictures are still hanging on the wall!  (the 2nd picture from the left is my momma when she was a young girl)

Stuff still on their dresser just like they left it! 

Me and Aunt Amanda on the bottom step that led up to the house. 

I loved the wind and the water!

Me, Uncle Colby, and Aunt Amanda.  Why won't they let me down in the water? 

As you can see, I have been a busy bee around here lately.  Keeping people in line is a hard job, but someones gotta do it! 

Please continue to keep everyone affected by the hurricane in your prayers.  Some lost everything they have worked for their entire lives. 

Now I am off to figure out how to tell Hurricane Katia to stay away!


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