Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good news

We received a call from the surgeon last night that she had the pathology reports back on the tissue she sent off from Claire's liver cysts.  Fortunately, the results stated that the cysts that they sent samples from are the mesenchymal hamartomas and are benign.  Yay!  Of course, they didn't take tissue from ALL 5 or so cysts, so they can't promise anything about the others.  But it's a good sign. 

This hopefully means that Claire can continue to grow, have her heart surgery repair in a few months, then go back later to have the big liver surgery.  We hope to have an ultrasound of her abdomen done next week when we go back to Duke for a cardiology check up.  That way the surgeon can see what the cysts are doing and if anything is changing with them.  If they still look the same (which we pray they do - or either have disappeared!), we will just continue to watch.  If they have changed, I am not sure what the course of action will be. 

Also, Eliza's surgery is tomorrow to reverse her ostomy (I am not sure that is the correct medical term to use).  This will reattach her intestines together so that her food can stay in her body and be absorbed to help her grow.  For the majority of her life, she has had a bag attached to her tiny body that collects the food that would normally flow through the intestines and create her stool.  Her surgery is scheduled for late tomorrow afternoon, so please say some prayers for Eliza and her family!  Claire misses Eliza terribly - we hope to stop by next week while at Duke to see them, but unfortunately, Claire will not be allowed to go back to see Eliza.  Children under 3 cannot go back in the ICN/TCN. 

We are also hoping for a fun visit this Friday from one of our favorite nurses!  We hope it works out so she can check on Claire and make sure we are doing a good job! 


The Scott Family

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