Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little pig, little pig let me in!

Just a quick post - our daughter now weighs 7 lbs 3 oz!  Yay for our little piglet!  We hope she continues to grow, grow, grow!  The majority of her feeds now are breast milk so we will see how that goes.  She LOVES her food though!  She had a good weekend visiting with Grandma Neat Neat and Aunt Doe, and the Uncle James and Aunt Julie came tonight and held Claire. 

We start with a new resident and a new attending tomorrow so I am very anxious.  Neither of which have seen Claire before.  But we know Dr. Rachel will be looking out for Claire from afar.  We are praying that the meeting they have planned for this Wednesday is successful.  They are waiting to hear back from the liver surgeon to see if she can come to the meeting.  I sure hope so!!!  Keep your fingers crossed.  This will be a very important meeting to discuss Claire's surgery plans with the cardiologists, cardiac surgeon, cardiac anesthesiologist, the neonatologists, and hopefully the liver surgeon.   We really need a solid plan in place soon. 

My day tomorrow will be spent playing with Claire!  I can't wait!  She is so alert and active now. 


The Scott Family


  1. 7.3!!?? Go Claire!! I hope she is always a good eater, makes life much easier! And my babies weighed at birth what Claire does now! She just couldnt wait to get here and meet her mom and dad!

  2. Thought of Claire the other day when I met another baby, a 6 mo. old boy, with Tetralogy of Fallot. His was a part of a chromosomal disorder that at this point I'm sure you've heard of, Digeorge syndrome. He was a happy little guy even with his feeding tube, colostomy bag at his side, and trach. Remarkable story too. Amazing what they can handle with such grace even at such a tender age and size. His mom was telling me about the trouble she had finding enough home care nurses to fill the hours they needed. She said that apparently there just aren't that many home care nurses that do pediatrics. Pediatrics is what I want to do when I finish nursing school in December so I thought hmmmm. We'll see. Anyway just thought I'd tell you about that.

    Melissa Heath