Friday, January 14, 2011

One amazing and memorable trip to the Zoo!!

After a pretty normal morning in the TCN waiting for the doctors to round, Rebecca was telling me that Claire may go home soon.  In both of our heads, I think we convinced ourselves that soon would be Friday.  Little did we know, the doctors had a different plan for us.  During rounds that morning, they told us she was being discharged and would be ready to go in about an hour.  Wow; we both jumped for joy and were so excited about this big day planned.  We had to load up the car, sign some papers, feed and bathe Claire, then we would be on our way out!  They joking said they wanted to get her our before she hit 100 days.  Claire has been at Duke for 99 days as of yesterday.  That is really hard to believe.  Rebecca then remembered…she didn’t have to car seat installed in the car.  Fortunately after driving all around Durham, we were able to find someone to install the car seat and give Rebecca a little lesson.  

Once we got back to the hospital, Claire had many of her favorite visitors come to see her.  One of her favorite nurses stopped by the hospital for a quick hug and kiss to wish Rebecca and Claire good luck!  Her other favorite nurse was Claire’s nurse this past week and fortunately this Thursday.  She was so helpful in helping us get everything together, give us plenty of advice, and helping Rebecca get ready to take Claire home.  Claire was also so fortunate to have her favorite doctor stop by for a quick visit on her lunch break.  She was so surprised Claire had done so well during her surgery and happy that she was able to go home.  Claire had to say goodbye to her favorite BFF which was a very sad moment.  They had been together since the beginning of Claire’s journey at the ICN.  Hopefully she will be able to head home soon too and get to have some play dates with Claire in the future!  It was very sad to say good bye to all our favorite staff at the hospital for they have done a great job in getting us to this moment!    

The trip home was actually a pretty easy and peaceful ride.  Claire did wonderful in her car seat.  We only had to stop twice to feed and change her which was pretty good.  She never once got fussy or cried.  (She knew she was heading home to see her loving family).  It really didn’t hit us that we were heading back home until we rode by the sign at Rhems UMC.  That was when we felt that we were home for good!  When we pulled up in the drive way, Trent and Grandma Neat Neat were anxiously waiting at the back door to come out and welcome Mommy and Claire home!  That was a very awesome moment to see Mommy and Daddy carrying baby Claire into her new home; a new chapter has now begun.  Claire obviously adjusted well in her new home.  She loved the smells, the sights, the people who surrounded her, being a family again, her personal "How Now Brown Cow" vibrating chair, and much more.  We can not thank God enough for the moment we all experienced yesterday evening.  

As of right now, Rebecca and Trent are taking it easy and learning how to be parents at home and getting adjusted to having their sweet bundle of joy at their fingertips!  Right now, visitors to their home are very limited.  Being right smack dab in the middle of flu season, Rebecca and Trent need to keep Claire healthy.  They are both accepting phone calls throughout the day if you would like to call and check on Claire.  Until things change, they are asking to please call before heading down to their house to make sure it is a good time.  If you feel sick, been around anyone that is sick or has been, or think you may be getting sick; please don’t jeopardize Claire’s health and wait a few months to come visit her.

If you would like to help out, Anita and Sarah are both putting together a Meal Calendar.  We are hoping to get many people signed up to cook dinners for Rebecca and Trent.  If you are interested, please call Anita(224-9121) or Sarah(670-7474) to see the available dates.  They appreciate everything that everyone is and has done over the past 3 ½ months and will continue to do in the future.  They are all so excited to be a family again at home!! Whoohoo that sounds good! 

Aunt Amanda 

One of Claire's favorite nurses! 

Claire's BFF Eliza talking back and forth

Claire's favorite Doctor

Last bottle at Duke before heading home
The Scott Family at Home with Claire

Aunt Amanda and Claire 

One of Claire's favorite nurses 

Claire has gone wireless!!! 

BFF's saying good bye!

First diaper change outside of Duke

In the car seat

enjoying her ride 

Scooter isn't so sure
Aunt Julie giving me lots of love

Her "How Now Brown Cow" 

Family enjoying Claire 

Family at Claire's side

Mommy, Daddy, and Claire 
packed and ready!


  1. So happy for you all, I have tears in my eyes as I was reading and writing this. It is the most incredible feeling walking out of the TCN with your daughter with you, that part of you that you had to leave there so many days and nights. I know you all are enjoying every single moment with her at home. I just can't stop thinking about you all being home as a family now, the way it's supposed to be. Can't wait to talk to you, Rebecca, after it settles down a bit. Keep enjoying all the memories you all have begun to create at home. What a blessing. Keep fighting Claire. Eat and Grow! Have fun!! Christin, Dan and Remi.......Remi says congratulations Claire! you made it! can't wait to have a real play date!

  2. Finally! Good ol' Jones County air.

    First thing you know she'll be out pickin' radishes to sell at the Farmers' Market.

    Thank you O God for this amazing journey of faith for this amazing family of so MANY who "own" this baby.