Saturday, January 22, 2011

La Princessa and her Fairy God Mother

Once apon a time, there was this little girl named La Princessa.  She was born in a far away land called Duke.  It was a strange and scary time, but on day 2 of her life, this special woman appeared.  La Princessa decided this woman would be her Fairy God Mother.  The Fairy God Mother had special powers.  She could wave her magic wand and make good things happen like letting mommy and daddy hold La Princessa at the very beginning. 

As time went by, La Princessa grew to love her Fairy God Mother very much.  They would have fun together - especially on days when it snowed in Duke Land and mommy and daddy couldn't get there to see La Princessa.  They would play dress up and put bows in La Princessa's hair!  The Fairy God Mother would even take pictures of La Princessa and send them to her mommy and daddy so they could see how much fun they were having. 

The Fairy God Mother took care of La Princessa.  Even tried to get her to go to her homeland before the holidays or before 2011.  But La Princessa just wasn't ready to go yet.  She was enjoying playing at Duke Land so much with all of her fairy tale friends. 

But time passed by, and La Princessa was ready to make her trip to her homeland.  It had been 99 days and she had been told of this place where she would live the rest of her life.  Her Fairy God Mother often told her how no one lived at Duke Land - not even La Princessa. 

So La Princessa decided this homeland place sounded magical as well and fun!  She knew she would terribly miss her fairy tale friends that she had spent so much time with.  She had come to love all of them in their own special ways.  One fairy tale friend is still at Duke Land and La Princessa misses her much.  But La Princessa and her BFF shared so many special secrets, they are now sisters. 

La Princessa decided on a whim that it was time to go!  She made mommy and auntie pack up her things in a whirlwind and hit the road to this new and special place.  She had already made plans to make trips back to Duke Land to visit her friends.  But La Princessa was surprised when her Fairy God Mother took a trip to her homeland this week!  The Fairy God Mother brought along her sister and showered La Princessa with love and gifts.  La Princessa knew that all was now right with the world.....


  1. Hooray for Fairy Godmother!
    Hip Hip Hooray!

  2. Oh I loved the story!! They have some very special people at Duke Land. Hooray for La Princessa!! We're glad to have her in our homeland of Rhems, NC:)

  3. What a cute story! Love the pictures!!

  4. Look at that sleeping beauty!! So sweet!