Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011


Happy New Year!  Hope every one has a great year!  Claire is celebrating New Years in style
(as seen above thanks to nurse Marie) with her Grandma Neat-Neat and her Great Aunt Doe while I am at home trying to get over a cold and Trent is hunting on the last day of deer season. 

2010 was an interesting year for all of us and we are hoping 2011 will bring health, happiness, home, healing, and many more things for our family. 

We are sad that tomorrow will be the last day for our favorite doctor.  We simply don't know what we are going to do without her!!!  She has been such an advocate for Claire and we are so thankful that she was able to touch Claire's life.  We will definitely miss her and we hope to keep in touch with her always.  She is planning to practice medicine in pediatric cardiology so maybe Claire will see her again!  We love Dr. Rachel!!!!

On another note, you have often heard us on the blog mention Claire's BFF from Duke - Eliza.  She has come such a long way and Claire and Eliza have been friends since early on.  Eliza is about a month older than Claire but their due dates were only 5 days apart.  When we heard Claire was back in TCN, my first question was "where is her bed?"  When the nurse said she was in the little room off to the side we were so excited because that's where Eliza was!  So Claire and Eliza are back together!  Her other friend Remi has already made a break and gone home.  We are so excited for them, but Claire misses seeing Remi. 

So most of you know how I am about pictures.  And you never know when the nurses will move the babies around.  So while I knew Claire and Eliza were close together, we decided to take a picture of them together.  Eliza couldn't be unhooked from her wires, but Claire could for a few minutes.  Claire's nurse that day was awesome for letting us do that.  So as weird as it was to walk with Claire across the room without being attached to anything, it was a lot of fun!  Even if it was only for a few short minutes!  Below is the picture of the BFFs! 

So here's looking towards a bright future for everyone this year!  May your year be as bright as our little girl's eyes. 


The Scott Family


  1. Hi Scott Family! I'm Brad, the other Claire's dad! Our delivery date is January 10th. Do you think y'all will still be around then? We would love to meet you and little Claire. Amy and I use Facebook a lot so if you want to connect there, you can find me with my email, Your Claire is a gorgeous little girl and she is now in our prayers. We are at the hospital often these days "borrowing" their Wi-Fi so if y'all are in the cafeteria, we may be there too!

  2. Happy New Year!!! Claire is simply perfect! Cant wait to see her in person!

  3. An awesome and holy blessing from The Scott Family.
    Claire has become the bearer of much good news and God's presence.

    The song that we learned at Polly Pres, may be her song, too.

    "Surely it is God who saves me,
    I will trust in him and not be afraid,
    for THE LORD is my strong hold and my sure defense,
    and He will be my Savior."

    "The First Song of Isaiah"