Monday, January 10, 2011

Surgery in the Morning 1/11/2011

Claire has had a good day today!  Trent and Grandma Neat-Neat were about to get to Duke today and visit with Claire before her big day tomorrow morning.  She weighed in today at 7 lbs 12.5 oz.  She is beginning to be a "big" little girl isn't she!  Duke's chaplain was able to come by today to pray with Claire for her surgery tomorrow.  

As planned, Claire's liver surgery is still on for tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM.  They have moved Claire back in the ICN tonight in preparation for tomorrow.  She will be wheeled down to the surgery floor around 7:30 AM.  After the surgery prep and such, surgery will only take about an hour.  After surgery she will be wheeled back up to the ICN for recovery.

Please keep Claire in your prayers tonight and tomorrow morning as always.  The surgery will only take about an hour to complete, but is considered risky due to her heart condition.  They will have to sedate Claire for the surgery.  We know that God will be by Claire's bedside throughout the surgery as He is always.  Please ask God to give Claire the strength and courage to fight through the surgery and for a speedy recovery.  Please ask God to give Rebecca and Trent the strength, courage, and peace as they wait to hear back from the sweet little girl.  Tomorrow will be filled with anxiety and anticipation but we all know that God has His hands on Claire, family, friends, and each one of the surgeons, doctors, and aids involved in the surgery tomorrow.  He will provide and make this surgery a success!

Aunt Amanda  

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  1. Thinking of baby Claire and her team of caregivers <3