Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Wow - it's been a busy few days since we brought Clarie home.  As Amanda said in the previous post, we were not expecting on Thursday for them to discharge Claire.  Everyone had gone back home for a few days so thank God for Aunt Manda!  She came right on to the hospital and helped us get checked out and drove us all the way home.  We sure appreciated that! 

It's strange now not having to call the hospital to ask how Clarie is doing.  Or have my cell phone attached to me at all times in case Duke calls.  I know it's strange for Julie and James not to have someone living in their house.  We are so grateful to them for being so unselfish and allowing us to use their home as our own for 3 months.  It would haven't been the same.  It was so nice to know we had somewhere to go and if I wanted to talk about the day I could.  And if I didn't, then I didn't have to and they understood.  I know all of them will miss having such close access to Claire, but they will just have to come home more often now! :)

It seems like we had to somewhat start over with Claire's schedule.  The nurses had her on a good 3-4 hour feeding schedule which she is still on.  But the sleeping schedule is all different.  I am not sure if it's the change in environment, the fact that she must have a tummy type bug, or what.  But if you think about it, for all of Claire's life, she slept in a room with several other babies who cried.  In a room with doctors and nurses in and out at all times.  A room that was constantly lit up with lights.  A room that had monitors beeping constantly.  Now she's in a quiet room with darkness.  So we have had to play her CD player all night, sleep with the tv going all night, sleep with a night light on and also the bathroom light on.  Maybe she will get used to it soon!

We have had just a few family visitors since Claire's been home. The doctors advised us no visitors except close family.  It's just not worth the risk of Claire getting sick.  It's different for preemie babies.  And especially babies with medical conditions like Claire.  They can't afford to get sick.  We are not sure where she got the fever from yesterday, but at the doctor today, they said her blood work looked good.  So her body is just getting adjusted to being in the outside world! 

So many people have been so nice to fix us suppers a few nights.  It is wonderful while trying to adjust not having to worry about cooking supper.  You may be thinking "well the baby is almost 3 1/2 months old!  You should be adjusted by now!"  But life outside of Duke University Hospital is much different.  It's somewhat like we just came home with a brand new baby.  We handled her during the day at Duke, but never at night.  So that's a huge adjustment.  And getting used to not having 24 hour a day nursing and medical advice and watch is tough when we have been so used to it. 

So Claire had her first visit to her pediatrician today.  She had her appointment set up for tomorrow, but with the fever they wanted to see her today too.  So we have to also go back tomorrow!  I am beginning to wonder if the doctor's office is going to become the place Claire likes to go!  I doubt it though if they have to keep sticking her with needles! 

As you have noticed, we haven't been able to update the blog as much as we could since being home.  So forgive us and know that we will do it as often as possible! 

Oh, and I keep forgetting to give y'all links to Claire's friends websites.  They also have blogs and since many of y'all have also been praying for them, I thought you might like to read their blogs.

Eliza's blog is

Claire Elizabeth's blog is

Remi's website is

I am not sure of any of her other friends' blogs or websites. 

Thanks again for the continued prayers!  Enjoy the pictures!


The Scott Family

PS - by the way, Claire weighed 7 lbs 15 oz today and was 19 3/4 inches long!  She started out at 3 lbs 2 oz and 16 3/4 inches long.


  1. We are SO thankful that you're all home! Praise God!

    Rebecca, there is not one person under the sun who thinks "She's 3.5 months old. You should be adjusted by now!" So get that thought out of your head!

    I know that everyone has been eager to help in any way they can these last few months. So we're thankful for the opportunity to pitch in!

  2. You don't have to justify anything! We understand the visitor policy and I can imagine it is like bringing home a newborn. First time home is first time home whether it's at 24 hrs or 3 months old. Take all the time you need to get "adjusted." I say that that way because babies change so fast that first year or so that everytime you get used to a schedule they decide to ditch the morning nap or something. Keeps you on your toes ;) And goes by WAY too fast :(