Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayers Answered

Every one's prayers were answered today!  Claire did great with the liver surgery and is recovering now.  She is already extubated and is resting well.  Whenever she wakes up fully and is ready to eat, they will feed her.  She was somewhat waking up around lunch time and crying, so they gave her some Tylenol and she calmed down. 

She looks great and is so tough!  We are so proud of her.  We are now hoping and praying for a quick recovery, no pain, and to get back on track.  Also that the surgery did it's purpose and will allow the cysts to drain into Claire's abdomen so they will not grow.  We are also praying for good results when the biopsy comes back on the tissue they removed (which we should hear from in about a week).  The next step would be to hopefully come home until Claire had to go back for her heart surgery this spring/summer. 

Thank you again for all of the thoughts and prayers for Claire.  God definitely listens and answers them!!!  We can't wait to eat our Brunswick stew and cornbread tonight that was so kindly made for our family.  What great friends we have!


The Scott Family


  1. God is good, and friends are great!!

  2. We have been thinking about praying for you all! Sounds like all is well. So happy to hear. Keep fighting Claire and stay strong. The Klausners

  3. The snowfall in Salisbury made a great white blanket. I claimed a great holy covering for our baby Mighty Claire.

    Thanks be to God for this day's good results, and Thanks be to God for being with you and her and all of us as we walk our days into God's hands.

    Thanks for the report.

    Eric and Linda

  4. We know that Claire will continue to be strong with God by her side. We pray for a restful night for all of you.

    Dwayne, Brenda, & Claire