Thursday, January 20, 2011

A week ago....

A week ago today, we were totally surprised that Claire was being discharged from the hospital to come home.  It seems like it's been a month ago.  We are really enjoying having her home.  She has been spending time with her Granny Mary and Grandma Neat-Neat while they help us get a routine down pat.  We have been really enjoying the homecooked meals that friends have been sending our way.  It sure helps since Trent is getting geared up for a busy farming season and I am trying to get back in the work groove myself.  Not having to come home and stand over the stove to cook dinner gives us a little extra time to spend as a family together. 

We haven't been as diligent about taking pictures lately.  Sorry about that.  Our house has turned into a child's playroom with a pack-n-play, vibrating chair, baskets full of diapers, clothes, and blankets, boppy pillows, bassinets, etc.  You might not even be able to tell if the toys downstairs are Claire's or the dog's.  But we are having fun!  Fuzz still continues to love his new little sister and she loves him the same. 

Eliza's surgery is scheduled today for 2 pm, so we will be saying some prayers for her.  Also, Claire Elizabeth is working on getting her feeds down pat so she can go home.  So we will be saying some eating prayers for her! 


The Scott Family

PS - Grandma Neat-Neat caught Claire rolling onto her side this morning!  She is growing so fast!


  1. Thanks for keeping the blog updated even though you are super busy

  2. Well as a parent and now a grand parent who not long ago had a new born in the family home, everything sounds exactly normal to me! won't be long, Claire will be the radish puller before you know it. Turning on her side already, goodness gracious!

    Grace and Peace be to Claire Elizabeth and to baby Eliza.

    Thank you for your news.

  3. We were so happy to hear about the results! She is such a strong little girl! (with the help of great support and a ton of love!!!) We will continue to pray that she grows, stays healthy and is ready in a couple months for her surgery. I don't know about you all, but our little girl tires me out! Thank you for sharing!! We have been really bad about updating Remi's site. It's hard with me being back to work and Dan having her all day in his arms. We understand that the most important thing is to give Claire all your attention and love...Keep up the great work!! You all are so lucky to have one another.