Monday, January 24, 2011

John Deere green.......or maybe pink

Most of you who know us know that we love John Deere things.  With Trent being a farmer, everything is John Deere from the tractors under the shelter to the decorations in our house.  Hey - even my garter at our wedding was specially made with John Deere material!! 

So why would you think that Claire would not join in on this John Deere love?  Of course, her Daddy is feeding it all to her.  On the day she came home from Duke, he had been out and bought her this little pink John Deere blanket with a tractor on it.  Claire also got a John Deere rattle from her cousins Connor and Anna.  She had already received a John Deere onesie before she was born from a friend at work.  Trent couldn't stand it so he went back to the John Deere dealership and bought Claire a corn shape teething ring even though she won't need that for a while. 

Then Trent went to a farm show last week and came home with a little pink fleece John Deere jacket, a pink John Deere onesie, and pink John Deere socks with sheep on them for Claire.  I mean, I never knew Trent would love anything other than John Deere green and yellow.  Now he's searching for John Deere pink too!  Claire loves all of her John Deere paraphernalia.  It's in her blood just like her Daddy.  Just one more thing in which Claire and Trent are identical. 

I haven't been able to take Claire out to get a picture of her on one of Trent's tractors.  It's just too cold for that little baby to be outside at all.  But hopefully this spring or summer we will get the chance! 

One more thing - most of you who know us too know that we have lots of deer heads on our living room walls.  We don't even notice them anymore, but when others come by, they are shocked.  The other night when we brought Claire home from Duke, the deer heads were the one thing she was focusing on.  Every single one of them.  It's now one of her favorite things to look at in the living room.  I am not sure which one is her favorite yet....  She is a true, blue Jones County girl for sure!


The Scott Family

note the matching John Deere coats on Trent and Claire....

my blanket, rattle, and teether

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