Friday, December 10, 2010

Another little speed bump!

As Rebecca called last night to check on Claire, she heard some uneasy news once again. They found a small trace amount of blood in Claire’s stool.  She said that is was a tiny spec, measuring 1mm x 3 mm.  Even though the blood is such a small amount, they still had to take Claire off of all her feeds for 48 hours.  They took an xray last night and it came back okay.  They are taking some blood to do some lab work as well to make sure there is no infection or what not.  They plan on taking another xray tomorrow sometime to check everything once again.  They believe that the  blood could be from a small tear on her skin or from a virus.  They will probably keep her on the Elecare since it is a broken down formula and is the easiest formula on her stomach. 
She is continuing to have the light bradys where her heart rate drops down to the 80-90’s but they are saying that is a normal heart rate for a baby reaching full term.  Claire’s heart rate in the earlier bradys were reaching somewhere down in the 40’s.  So as of right now, her light bradys are okay. 

They did an ultrasound of her liver FINALLY today around 3 PM…Halleluiah!!!  We don’t have the results back yet but we are eagerly waiting.  Rebecca said she was really happy to hear that, even if they were doing it just for her peace of mind!  They still don’t believe the liver has anything to do with the bloody stools but I guess they will hopefully verify.

Her two favorite nurses were checking on her today!  They are always there to make Claire’s day so much better!!  Please keep Claire in your prayers as once again we are trying to get over this little speed bump.  Keep Rebecca and Trent also in your thoughts and prayers as they are both home this weekend away from their sweet little girl.  Hopefully everyone will get a chance to stop by to see them this weekend at their house from 11-3.  Email/call Rebecca or Trent to get directions to their house if needed!! 

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