Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve!  Claire had a good day today.  She seemed like she could rest more and eat a lot more.  Her belly button was poking back out today, but her stomach still looked good.  It looked "normal" - not big and round and not flat and wrinkly. 

I was able to hold Claire a lot today in a nice recliner chair.  I had a headache all day, so it was nice to rest together. 

This Christmas will be a lot different than we had imagined.  We had originally thought we might be in the hospital based on my due date.  Guess we are still in the hospital, but we've been there about 3 months (this coming Wednesday!). 

But we have been given the best gift we could ever ask for - our daughter.  Thank you Lord and happy birthday Jesus!


The Scott Family


  1. Have a very merry 1st Christmas Claire!! We love you!

  2. Hey beautiful baby! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas day together. We know you are where you need to be. Sending lots of love, kisses and PRESENTS your way! :) Love to you all from all of us!! :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas, to the Scott family. Be careful in all the snow.You will be missed today, but you are in our thoughts.We love you.

    Claire, Rest easy my child. Gods speed to you to have you home where you belong.

    -Cathy McLean and Family

  4. Penelope had those same jammies last christmas