Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

Well, today started out on a great note. Granny Mary went to the hospital early this morning and was able to hold and love Claire for a long time. The doctors gave a good report at rounds but said her hermaticrite (sp?) was low and it needed to be checked.

Granny Mary fed Claire her 8am bottle and Claire snuggled back in for a nap. Claire weighed 5.14 pounds and her belly measured 33cm...which is good. Claire had another bottle again at 11am with Granny Mary. Claire is spending a little more time awake, looking around the crib, and seeming more interested in the outside world.

Aunt Julie came for the afternoon and must have brought some bad luck! Just before her 2pm feeding, the nurse changed Clarie's diaper and she had blood in her stool. (Sigh!) They immediately took 2 xrays and did blood work. The doctor came and spoke with Mom and I and they are unsure WHY this keeps happening. The blood work came back normal but we are waiting to her about the xray results.

One hypothesis is that Claire has an allergy to the protein in cow's milk. So she is back on an IV and antibiotics for a few days. Maybe when she starts back on feeds, she will start on soy milk.

We left Claire sleeping and resting for the we drove slowly back to Clayton...IN THE SNOW!!

We love yall and Claire loves yall! Thanks for all the prayers...she needs them!! :)

Aunt Julie

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