Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Massage

Claire had a spa day today!  I was able to learn the art of baby massage from the physical therapist to use on Claire.  She is always so tense and stressed due to being uncomfortable from the cyst.  Her arms and legs are either pulled really tightly in or stretched completely out. She doesn't have many times that she's truly relaxed. 

The PT thought baby massage might work for Claire so we tried it today. She wasn't sure at first about it, but then she loved it!  We just worked on her legs and feet today.  I have never seen her legs as relaxed as they were.  It was amazing.  The PT said babies generally don't like the arm massage as much, so I am sure it will be a different story tomorrow when we try that.  But I learned something new today that I think will help Claire relax. 

She has had a pretty decent day.  She seems more tired today and not starving.  She wanted to fall asleep during her 8 am feeding.  She did good with the 11 am feed with me, but the nurse said she was kind of picky with the 3 pm feed.  They said if all goes well and she does good on her feeds with no bloody stools, that Claire could possibly go home early next week.  I am not getting my hopes up yet! 

I may try to come home this weekend and we MAY try to have a spur of the moment shower.  I will post details if that seems like it's going to happen.  We have to see if we can work out the details or not. 

Sorry I haven't posted many pictures lately.  I haven't had anyone with me reminding me to take pictures or to actually take pictures while we do things!  Claire is probably happy that she hasn't had the camera in her face a lot lately, but we are missing out on some good shots!  :)

I left the hospital a little early today and I am already missing Claire like crazy.  I am so ready for us to be together as our family. 

Stay warm and keep Claire in your prayers!

The Scott Family

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