Monday, December 13, 2010

MRI today

Claire had a pretty decent weekend other than being fussy because she was hungry.  She enjoyed spending the weekend with her Aunt Julie and Aunt Amanda!  I am sure they didn't spoil her one bit - wink wink!

Claire is getting just a small amount of formula now - just 14 mLs.  She sucks that down in literally 10 seconds.  Hopefully they will increase it more today.

Last night when I got to the hospital, the doctor came to talk to me about Claire's cysts.  They did the ultrasound Friday and saw 2 new cysts.  So they are going to draw labs today to check her liver function as well as do an MRI of her liver.  Please pray that they don't have to sedate her for the MRI.  We hope they can feed her and swaddle her really good so she will be still.  I am sure she'll have to have her paci as well!

Hopefully we can sit down with the doctors and go over the xrays, ultrasounds, and MRI this week to see what they think. 

I haven't talked to the nurse yet this morning to see how she is, but I plan to go up there soon.  I was waiting since there may be ice on the road. 


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