Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Saturday

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day with Claire. When I got to the hospital this morning, she was a little fussy and very hungry. She is still on IV fluids and should start back on her feeds tomorrow. I was able to hold her for a couple hours this morning. Then the nurse decided to give her a bath. That was SO cool to watch...although Claire was not thrilled to be getting a bath. She smelled SOO know that baby smell!?! We then got her dressed in an adorable onezie fleece Christmas outfit! Too Cute!! She laid down for a nap and slept pretty good. She slept so hard at some points in the day that she had a couple of Bradys.

After lunch I got to hold her again. She was fussy but I think she enjoyed being out of the crib and rocked. At the end of the day she had a little dirty diaper but they gave her a "chip" to help her go to the bathroom because she was straining a lot.

I heard the baby shower turned out very well and that Rebecca had a great time visiting with everyone.

Claire will spend the day with Aunt Amanda tomorrow. :)

I had a blast today and I am getting lots of good practice!

Aunt Julie

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