Thursday, December 9, 2010

A stressful day

Claire started getting her 2 month vaccinations yesterday and they seem to be affecting her, or at least that's what the nurses and doctors are thinking.  She seemed very tired and "blah" today to me.  She was not interested in eating - we had to force her to eat and it could take 45 minutes for her to eat.  She also had lots and lots of desats and bradys today.  Of course this made me extremely nervous and worried.  The doctors think that the side effects from the vaccinations are probably making her feel bad, thus all of the stuff going on today.  I am praying the shots are what's causing her to feel and react this way. 

Claire got to see her favorite resident doctor today.  We just love her!  And we hope she will have some of her favorite nurses again soon!  Well, all of the nurses are great, but we do have a few special ones. 

There was also a family there today that lost their 10 day old son.  Please keep them in your prayers as well.  We did not know them, but can not even imagine what they are going through. 

So obviously Claire's issues will probably change her coming home plans a little.  Our goal is still to have her home around Christmas, but we don't want to rush her home at all.  She will let us all know when she is ready to come home. 


The Scott Family

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  1. Lord protect our Baby Claire.

    Lord wrap in your arms the family whose little son now lives with you.

    The Lord be with you.