Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photo Blog

Our first Christmas as a family

Claire's First Christmas

Daddy feeding Claire

Stocking from ICN


They have each other wrapped around their fingers!

Claire's stocking specially brought to her by her Daddy


She was scared of Santa!

Daddy and Claire

SNOW at our house on day after Christmas

Granny Mary and Claire

sleeping beauty

Big girl bottle


  1. I LOVE all the pics, esp the ones of daddy and his girl. Priceless. I hope to see you and Claire soon!!

  2. The pictures that capture my heart the most: Mighty Claire's hand that possesses her Daddy's finger. Each time I see one of those pictures, the world silences, the winds cease, the heart thumps, and thanksgiving trumpets from horizon to horizon.
    I am thankful to be part of seeing this great thing.