Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17th

December 17th was supposed to be Claire's due date.  Well, the doctors kept saying December 22nd, so that's the number they are going by.  But I was pretty sure it was supposed to be the 17th.  So for the doctors purposes, we go by the 22nd.  But for my purposes, we go by the 17th!  So today was Claire's due date - so according to some paperwork I have read in the ICN, this is her "other" birthday.  I guess we can celebrate it today and on the 22nd!  :) 

The Duke radiologists heard back from the radiologist at Texas Children's and they think that Claire's cysts are something called hamartomas.  I googled it and it does sound like that is what it could be.  Texas Children's also suggested that Duke take a biopsy of the cysts, but Duke hasn't decided if they want to do that.  Both places think that the cysts are benign.  So we are just waiting to hear more information. 

Santa came to see Claire yesterday!  We will post pictures soon!  Of course she is on his GOOD list!

Aunt Amanda graduates from NCSU tomorrow and we are excited for her!  We also got to see Claire's friends Remi and Eliza tonight when we dropped of their Christmas cards.  We didn't get to see Elizabeth, but saw her mom.  Everyone seems to be doing well!  Thank you for the continued prayers for everyone!


The Scott Family

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