Sunday, December 19, 2010

Softball or cyst?

Claire is just such a sweet little baby girl.  We love her so much!  I was able to give her a bath today with the help of a great nurse who loves for Claire and her bed to be clean.  She smelled so good after her bath and has been eating well.  Her nurse said I missed her wearing her "Daddy's Little Elf" outfit yesterday.  :(

Her/our favorite doctor came by and showed us Claire's MRI images.  She warned us before we looked at them that the cyst was big and not to freak out.  So I didn't.  The CT scan is scheduled for tomorrow morning and we will hopefully get to talk to the surgeon tomorrow at some point.  Maybe we will get some answers and plans tomorrow too. 

Also, we heard another sweet story today.  The Santa in the pictures with Claire is a cancer patient going through chemo.  I assume from what the nurses said that he's not doing so well, and one of his last wishes was to be the Santa who went around to the babies in the hospital this year.  So sweet! 

Pray for Clarie tomorrow as she goes through the CT and that the surgeon can give us some good plans for Claire and the cysts.  Thank you so much!!!!! 


The Scott Family

bath time

This is looking at Claire's belly. The big white circle is the large cyst.  There is a smaller one below it, and then smaller ones to the right. 


  1. holy cow! No wonder she has tummy issues. That has to go! Continued prayers and positive thoughts.

    Melissa Heath

  2. Is that Marki? We love her!
    I hope you get some answers. I hate that you will likely spend Christmas in the hospital, but it's not so bad. It makes you appreciate all the ones at home much more :)

  3. I love that bib! Mom and Dads wish for sure! :) I am so hopeful that they will do something to that horrible cyst. OBVIOUSLY it is a stressor for her and her tiny body. It has to be tied to the blood in the stool. Maybe Im just crazy. Trust the doctors but also question them A LOT! :)