Thursday, December 2, 2010

Famous in a small town

Ever wonder what it would be like to be on the front page of the newspaper?  Well, on Claire's 8 week birthday, she was interviewed and photographed and was featured on the front page of Durham's newspaper, The Herald-Sun.  Check out the article at :

It was such a neat experience!  Trent had just got there and sat down.  It was time for Claire's 2:00 feeding, so the nurse placed Claire in Trent's arms and he got to feed her - his very first time was documented in the newspaper!  He is such a natural at this daddy thing.  It's a beautiful thing to watch.  She just stares at him like she knows exactly who he is and how much he loves her.  It's almost like she can see the future in his eyes as to all the things they will do together.  It's neat! 

We met with the neonatologists, Claire's primary nurses, the social worker, and parent representative yesterday.  The doctors from cardiology and the surgery team could not be there.  We hope to meet with them next week.  Our major questions were for the doctors who couldn't be there, but it was helpful since Trent could ask questions and they could reiterate what they normally tell me at rounds each day.  So we didn't really learn anything new except - get a car seat this weekend, contact the pediatrician, and start getting prepared!  We are not getting our hopes up yet.  We just hope she can be home for Christmas. 

Thanks to everyone who went to the BLAST dinner last night and for those who prepared it.  I heard the food was absolutely DELICIOUS!  Home made lasagna and carrot cake?!  What more can you ask for!?

I am home for a few days at work and helping with the Ducks Unlimited banquet in Jones County this weekend.  Granny is watching after Claire for us.  I am sure Claire will be spoiled this weekend by her aunts too!

Claire will be 2 months old on Monday!  It's so hard to believe!!!!  Thank you again for all of your prayers and gifts for Claire.  They mean so much to us. 

The Scott Family

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