Friday, December 3, 2010

It's beginning to look "a little bit" like Christmas!

Granny Mary was at the hospital early this morning to visit me.  I have been sleeping and eating well today.  Today all of the nurses had to stopped by the TCN to see the new Newspaper celebrity. 

Once again they have removed my IV; I sure hope it stays out this time.  The results from my Cystogram came back normal which means that there is no infection in my kidneys.  The Cystogram was to make sure that I have no UTI's since I have a history of them.  The doctors will soon be adding my polyvisol(vitamins) and iron to my feedings.  Also they are going to increase the calories in my feeds as well; yummy!  Sunday they will be doing more lab tests just to see if I am getting closer to coming home!  I needed some more Lasix today to get rid of that extra fluid that I seem to be holding on to. 

The Pediatric Cardiologist Surgeon, Dr. Barker, will be coming in Monday to talk with Mommy about the plans for my heart surgery.  My Mommy will be bringing my car seat back up to Duke this weekend to try it out.  I have to pass the "Car seat test" to see if I am able to go home.  I have to be able to sit in the car seat for 30 minutes with no mishaps.  As you can see that I have several "tests" that I have to pass before my journey back home.  I am working very hard so I can come home :) 

I have had several friends and nurses bring in some Christmas decorations to help cheer up my crib space.  I hope y'all enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

Mommy, Daddy, and I are all thankful for all of the friends and support that we have received in the past several months.  Also, we continue to keep you in our prayers.   Jesus is the reason for the season!


All I Want for Christmas is to go home!

Saying my Goodnight prayers for everyone

Burr it is cold in here!

Keeping watch

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thank you for your prayers, Claire, thank you.