Monday, December 27, 2010

Daddy's Little Elf

Since Trent and I are snowed in and cannot get to Duke to see Claire, one of our favorite nurses in the world knew just what we needed last night!  When she got home, she emailed us these pictures of our sweet girl.  I've already posted them on Facebook and emailed them out!  They are too darn cute!  She has on her "Daddy's Little Elf" outfit and they posed her with little bows, shoes, her Santa stocking that her Daddy bought her, and her "friends" that she has in her crib.  I think she even has on a pair of shoes in one of the pictures - first time ever!  Enjoy!!!


The Scott Family


  1. That is just precious!! The McLawhorn's

  2. That nurse is awesome! Kudos to her!! Those are great pictures of that sweet, blue eyed baby girl!

  3. Is that "John Deere-green"?

    Great pictures.

    The bow is the best touch of all.

  4. Now you know those girls were having a ball in there playing dress up with her, this is great!