Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Claire had a pretty good day yesterday.  Still no blood in her stools thank God.  She is just eating and sleeping.  She was 6 lbs 2.5 oz on Monday night, but lost about 50 grams last night. So she's still a little over 6 lbs.  She gets lots of compliments on her many "fashionable" outfits each day!

Each time I fed her yesterday and picked her up to burp her, she would have a small brady.  When the nurses fed her, she did fine!  I think she's trying to tell me something....  Just not sure what it is yet!  :)  She is staying more alert every day. 

Clarie was moved back to ICN yesterday - nothing to do with her condition.  They are trying to organize the babies according to what team they are on.  Claire is on a doctor team (the ones who follow her are doctors).  Some other babies are on nurse practitioner teams.  So they are putting all doctor team babies in one section of the ICN and the NP babies in the TCN.  We will see how this works! 

The nurse told  me to bring in Claire's car seat today so tonight she can try the car seat test.  We will see how that goes!  Once she eats, the nurse will put her in the seat and leave her in there until her next feed time to see if she can tolerate riding that long without bradys or desats, etc.  Keep your fingers crossed!  She has to pass this test to be able to come home. 

Have a great day!


The Scott Family


  1. Good luck Claire. Ride in that seat like a big girl. Love you all!

  2. So, will they put the car seat on top of a washing machine? So the vibrations and shaking and noise will simulate riding in a tractor?

    I'll bet that's what she's needed all this time, a good tractor ride, bounce those Bradys right out of her.

    The Generous Grace is with you.

  3. Clare has been commemorated at every Divine Liturgy since the fund raising dinner. Now, I have linked this blog to my website and another handful of clergy have also joined the prayer vigil.

    Most Rev. Leland Lannoye